Southern California Cousin Party

Saturday I woke up and I was excited for the new day.  I was putting off all the cleaning I had to do and instead tried a new recipe that I saw on Biggest Loser, a turkey frittata.  It was so easy and really yummy.  Basically it was just 6 eggs, a dash of milk, a handful of cheese beat real well with a fork, then I cooked up some ground turkey with pepper and salt, added little tiny chives and diced up a red bell pepper and a yellow one, heated them all up together then combined the meat and veggie mixture with the eggs, mixed it up all together and put it in my sprayed (coconut oil) muffin pan and cooked them on 350 for 20 minutes.  The recipe reads that each egg and turkey cup is only 100 calories and it’s a good protein breakfast, plus I have left overs to re-heat so that makes it a quick breakfast for the future.


IMG_0478IMG_0480 I tried to avoid as much as possible the cleaning part of my day.  I made a list, that sort of helps.  I knew cleaning didn’t have to be a priority for our cousin party because in my mind i know it’s more about the people and visiting than the clean house but somehow I felt I needed to at least clean the bathroom and kitchen as good as I possibly could. In between cleaning, I found Simon looking so adorable, and the girls made the coolest umbrella fort, I had to go see.   Abbie picked some sweet flowers to place in the bathroom.  I listened to music keeping the morning scripture in mind “This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it” Psalm 118:24  It was the perfect reading for the perfect day.  The day was filed with bits of love as I got ready for the gathering.  Even at our trip to Target to buy the stuff for the beans, I managed to spot a heart in the shopping bag.  Oh yeah and I did a drawing with my eyes closed too.  I fit that in.  I have this book called 99 things to do when you have time ,  drawing a picture with your eyes closed we number one.  And I managed to finally place a picture inside a frame that my friend Mary painted for me, a feather with a heart and I must say, it goes just perfect on my picture wall in the dining room.




Then it was time!  I even had time to sit and relax before everyone began to arrive.  I poured a glass of wine and sat in my favorite chair because previously I couldn’t sit in that chair, it was full of Christmas tree!  Having gatherings is such a good time to clear the clutter!  The guest began to arrive and Miss Jodi even brought a gift for me, MUGS!  I have an obsession for them you know.  She brought three!  One read peace while the other read love and the third read dream.  So perfect.  She also brought her famous homemade salsa, guacamole and chips and her family too of course all their smiles and energy is party perfect.  Mark, Jenn and the girls were the next to arrive with their chicken and brownies and big big smiles.    I have to be honest, I got nervous for a minute cause it took just a while longer before the others began to arrive.  I had this thought of, what if they don’t come?  But then Jamison and his darling family pulled up and they made a long trip to be a part of our cousin party, they also brought these really yummy jalapeno poppers and the sweetest little half pint Emmy girl who wasn’t shy whatsoever and as Rich likes to say, the kid with the coolest name ever, Talan.  Jamison and Krista sure make cute kids!  Then Missy arrived with her new guy Jon and they snuck up on us and came in the back door and she had lots of goodies on hard, a salami cheese platter and a big bundle of veggies and it was her Dad Uncle Jim who made the coolest cousin picture collage ever so we were able to reminisce over all the old cousin pictures and the cousins who couldn’t make it were all in the picture collage.  Last but not least cousin Jeanie arrived with her two tall guys Mark and Jeremiah.  The whole reason this party even came to reality was because of Jean, our cousin who seems to be the glue that keeps us all so connected.  She arrived with her yummy snacks and it made for a very well-rounded food buffet.  It was so much fun the gathering, there was laughter (lots of it) a little tiny bit if dancing (Jeanie) lots of 80’s music pumping, ping-pong, darts, food, conversation, pictures, smiles and a general feeling of togetherness.  I think we ought to do it more!  And this was only a fraction of the cousins what could have made it even better is if ALL the cousins could have been there, it would have been an epic HUGE party if that were the case.

We are very grateful for our neighbors who also just happen to be my mother and father-n-law cause they stopped by to give hugs and take these family photo’s below.  I took a few more pictures of our evening and placed an album in FB for the cousins to browse.


IMG_0567And this is how I spent my Sunday morning, sipping on coffee in my new cool peace mug, uploading pictures and writing this post.

8 thoughts on “Southern California Cousin Party

  1. Hello you. I love all your beautiful photos. Looks like you had a wonderful get together. Can I say I’ve seen it before, but I totally love the B&W photo of your 3 on the wall. It’s a gorgeous photo. Yummy recipe too. xo

    1. thank you Cathie, that picture was taken in Seattle on one of our families best trips ever. We don’t travel much, it was a big, big deal. It was but a moment in time, my favorite kind of fleeting moment captured forever.

  2. I fought the urge to call you on Sunday and see how the party went. No one can ever hear me on my phone and I wind up more frustrated than not. So not a big caller. However, I knew I’d get all the deets in your blog 🙂 Sounds like a really great time. So happy. Kids are getting BIG!!!

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