Tuesday Deliveries

I took 64 pictures of my produce today.  Intervention.  Maybe.  I mean they capture me.  It’s still like Christmas morning when I open my door to the box of goodness.  I get excited about the possibilities they hold!  What will I do with them?  I’m excited about how great they are for us! So today I thought they deserved a photo session.  Each and every item that was in that box from Farm Fresh to You.  So here we go. 

IMG_0572I ate one of these already and it was off the charts SWEET!  mandarins

IMG_0593I have no idea what will be done with these yet. brown beech mushrooms

IMG_0597two assorted apples

IMG_0620IMG_0636The beets got all the attention, I was taken by their beauty and couldn’t stop shooting them.

IMG_0643carrots and broccoli


I love how dirty the spinach is, straight from the earth!

IMG_0650the bounty on my counter, minus the fruits

That’s not all that was delivered today! As I was uploading my fruits and veggies, I heard a knock on my door.  When I opened it I was greeted with an old/young friend.  She truly is an old soul this one.  Her taste is music is unbelievable for her age and we have great conversations she and I.  Or we did.  She was our summer buddy.  This is Dylan’s friend Briana and she spent lots of time with us over the summer.  I love being around her and well, she had a gift for me today.  She said “it reminded her of me”  She also knows I love my garden and it goes in the garden.  She left me a heart tugging note with it too.  I’m an emotional mom and I get all wrapped up in the love and connection. I should be buying her gifts and here she is with one  for me.  She was in a rush, couldn’t stay long.  I got about 5 hugs at least out of her before she left and as they walked away, I shouted out “wait!   I want a picture of you”  She agree and I had her friend step next to her because they both are just really stunning girls and this was the first time I had met her friend and I’m horrible at names, I forgot it. I think I asked at least three times too.  Boy.   But anyway, just look at um.  To be young again right?

IMG_0654 IMG_0656 IMG_0660 IMG_0661

23 thoughts on “Tuesday Deliveries

  1. How beautiful. Isn’t that awesome that your friends son came to visit you. And oh to be young again for sure. I forget names like you wouldn’t believe… And great food photos too.. Makes me hungry.

  2. Tracie I think the best gift you received today was a visit from Dylan’s friend. VERY SPECIAL! For someone that young to make a special trip to bring you a gift! Says a little something about you!

    1. I love that you spotted the blue bowl you gave me! I can’t look at it without thinking of you. I keep it in my dining room. One might think it would clash with my orange walls but I think it goes just wonderful. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Oh, I see…brown beech mushrooms. They look neat all clustered like that.

    Cute girls, too. You must be one fun mom, to have kids coming to hang with you.

  4. Love all of this. The pictures are gorgeous as usual. 😉 That’s what I love about veggie/fruit boxes and CSAs…all the possibilities they hold and how they make you think outside the box.

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