Let’s eat some beets


So I don’t just get this produce delivered to take its picture and place it on display.  It has me trying new things and new recipes and today I conquer the beet.  I have a confession.  The only way I have ever eaten a beet is pickled or canned.  My mom used to buy them in a can and put them in salads, or even just on a dish to eat all by themselves.  However, not to my knowledge have I ever eaten a raw beet.  So I looked up on the net some ideas about beets, I found this site first “the kitchen – all about beets”   So I’m going for the raw idea and also, wouldn’t you know.  I just happen to have goat cheese in my fridge so the roasted beet with goat cheese sounds interesting.   I peeled and sliced the beets and sprayed with coconut oil, sea salt, pepper and sprinkled with some goat cheese, stuck them in the oven on 400 until they looked good enough to eat.


Look at how gorgeous it is!  They do stain but somehow I kept it off my white blouse today.


evidence that I killed some beets today


I decided to cut all three up so I could just grab as a snack


But I roasted a half of one for lunch with the goat cheese.  I like them better raw.

Today for lunch I  not only conquered the beet but decided to crack out those mushrooms.  My friend Debbie suggested them sautéed in some butter with a little bit of small green onions and make an omelet out of it.  I decided to add some spinach too and since I didn’t have chives, I used yellow onion.  Who says omelets are just for breakfast.  I made one for lunch with my beets.  That’s how I’m rolling today.  I’m so fortunate to have the hours I keep and since my two kids are active one with soccer practice the other with cheer today, I have a little time to experiment in the kitchen before it’s time to get them. I put all the ingredients of my omelet into the myfittnesspal app and lunch came in under 300 calories, this included the beet.


The pretty little mushrooms


The spinach cleans up pretty well huh?


I mixed in the spinach, mushroom & onion with a tiny, every so tiny bit of olive oil & butter

IMG_0687It was great and filling

I’ll post this, go on a 30 minute walk, do the lunch dishes and then it will be time to pick up the soccer player followed by the cheerleader. Oh and it’s Wednesday, middle of the week already.  motorcycle man and I declare it as date night since littlest and only girl has Best Friends at church tonight and rather than take her and go back an hour and a half later we decided we can hang out away from home while Abbie does her thing. I’m looking forward to that!

IMG_0693Almost forgot my compost bowl.  So pretty.

15 thoughts on “Let’s eat some beets

  1. Beets are what moon mamma gives me every time they come in her basket
    Thanks for the recipie
    Love the look of the compost pile💘

  2. I’ve never really tried beets – so that was impressive,but not as impressive as the mushrooms! I do not like them, not at all – so I was impressed that you took those funny looking things and actually made a meal with them! And now,I think I have to have an omelet at lunch!

    1. You are cracking me up Kate! I love those funny looking things. They taste a little nutty. The beets taste “earthy” but really, really if you decide to try the beet, do the cold, crisp raw one dipped in Italian dressing. My kids even liked it.

  3. this is a gorgeous post, tracie. you have a talented eye with food photography (which i think is challenging). beautiful and yummy. glad to read about this slice of your day.

    1. Thank you friend. It means quite a lot that you say I’m good at food photo’s. I kind of think it’s cause I adore food so much. I find true beauty in it and it’s so wonderful how really good food can be so colorful and good for our bodies too. I also loved your blog on being the change, it was just what I needed to read.

  4. I’ve only had pickled beets and don’t much care for those, but I am intrigued by your recipe. And are those straw mushrooms? Everything looks very tasty.

  5. That all looks unbelievably delicious! Beets are my favorite thing to eat!! I have the best beet salad recipe with blue cheese, I’m gonna email it to you. The beets are cooked but then served chilled. Mmmmm, now I want some beets. 😉

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