It’s a small world

I have this book called 99 things to do when you have time.  Number  5 was to look up lyrics to a song you half remembered.  I know it’s sort of crazy out of all the really, really great music out there that I would pick “It’s a small world”  I just remember a few years back when the kids were small and we could afford season passes to Disneyland back then the prices were kind of reasonable.  Any way, I have such great memories of Disneyland with the kids.  Abbie claims to barely remember the times we spent at Disneyland, she is the youngest  so technically she didn’t get as much time in as the boys. The point of my story is, I never got tired of the ride “It’s a small world”  I love how happy it is, the feeling of the boat crashing up against the sides and the splashy water sound and the COLOR, all the awesome color, and the big melting pot of all different ethnic groups from around the globe, smiling, holding hands and being united.  I looked up the simple lyrics today and as simple as they are.  I believe them with my whole heart.  It’s just wholesome stuff.

small worldThis was my last trip in “It’s a Small World” Feb. 2010

This simple song brought back a flood of memories from the time Tim our cousin treated all of us to a day at Disneyland, but not just Disneyland but the exclusive Club 33.  I had never been to Club 33 before or since in all my days living in California.  I decided to share a few images from that day.  I think this is one of our last trips to Disneyland that I can remember.  Our kids nearly grew up there, or at least the boys.  When we had passes we would go on Friday’s after work or even some days during the week.  Abbie again being the littlest and only girl didn’t get as many years there before the prices went way up.  I remember on this day it was raining, which didn’t bother me for one second, I had a rain jacket, rain boots and rain hat and I LOVE the RAIN. This also meant the crowds were less the lines were shorter and that made for a very awesome day.  I still have such gratitude for Tim and Patrick treating our families to such a wonderful and memorable experience.  It seems like just yesterday.

tim and kidsTim is so good with the kids.   Here he is with the two littles.

tim and abbieAbbie got rides from not only Tim but….

matt abbieother cousin Matt too

rainy daySee what I mean about rain.  I promise this is few people compared to summer time rush

all of usOur family with the generous givers

club 33A peek at club 33, Abbie even had me take pictures in the bathroom, I’ll spare you that

fairylandthe girls in fairyland oh, and one boy too!

tim and the laws

It’s a world of laughter and a world of tears

It’s a world of hopes and a world of fears

There’s so much that we share

It’s a small world after all

There is just one moon

And one golden sun

And a smile means friendship to everyone

Though the mountains divide

And the oceans are wide

It’s a small world after all

A small, small world

6 thoughts on “It’s a small world

  1. I used to sing this song when I was a kid! ;p … Passes to Disneyland? Oh wow! We are thinking of taking little T to Disneyland in Paris for her 4th birthday. We think at this age, she will appreciate it more than if we took her earlier on. Love looking at photos with you and your family, you guys look so happy and it’s obvious that there is so much love going on 🙂 Oh and Tracie, I don’t think you’ll love the rain so much if you lived in England! Used to love the rain too, but not when it just goes on and on and on… England ruined my love for the rain! Hahaha 🙂

  2. One of my favourite tunes as I had a music box to it when I was little. Long gone now, but Jess has one now too with Tinkerbell on it. I would never have remembered the words, so thank you for the reminder. 🙂 Great fun photos. You are so lucky to live so close to it. I would just love to go there.

  3. I LOVE that ride! We have one at the Florida Disney World too. It reminds me of the animatronic cartoons that we saw when we were little. The ride is such a respite from the heat down here, so calming and cooling.

  4. oh these photos! especially the first one. love them. grateful to be in this world with you – full of hope and fear, so much we share – it is a small world after all.

  5. These photos and story bring a smile to my face 🙂 I’ve never stopped and really thought about the ‘Small World’ lyrics, but they are so simple and true. Looking at these adventures in Disneyland for your family is close to home for me! Growing up, my grandparents and family would go to Disney World together – up until I was 16 and my Nana passed away. I always look back on these memories fondly, and this post rekindled them for me today. Thank you!

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