shake it out 2014

shakeitoutI wonder if some may call it self-absorbed?  I don’t.  I call it art.  I have finally after so many years decided to call myself an artist.  And even typing this I feel slightly conceited and yes,  a little self-absorbed.  But you see in the circle I  keep company with, this sort of thing is considered normal behavior.  I fit in with this group without feeling strange or full of myself.  I feel accepted and safe when I’m in the company of my like-minded photo friends.  This year my friend Vanessa a very, very talented photographer decided to start a group in IG called shake it out 2014.  This just means we take a SP on our histamatic app and post it to the group. (side note, I remember the first time I saw someone refer to a Self Portrait as a SP and I had no idea what they were talking about)  I’m addicted.  The photo’s come out so cool.  We don’t even know what we are going to get until it’s finished developing in the app.  Even if it looks scary, ugly, freaky or strange.  Actually the more strange, the more I like it.   I believe many years from now, I can look back at projects like this with a nostalgic fondness.  I will never look or be this way again as the time goes forward.   Just as my kids and spouse will continue to change with the time, I also enjoy capturing their images as well.  It’s important.  It’s important that I be a part of captured memories too.  A few years back I was absent from family photo’s and this is a very common dilemma amongst photographers.  We would be out on a hike or family outing and I would shoot my feet as proof I was there.  I was shooting my feet years before it got wildly popular to shoot ones feet.  I’m absolutely certain this is also true with other mom photographers out there in years past.    With the encouragement and help of my friends.  Tiff, Kristin, Meredith and now Vanessa.  I step in front of the lens often to see what I can capture.  My moods, my ups, my downs and it’s interesting how one person can look so different on any given day.


Having been born a redhead, I grew up with lots of teasing.   I didn’t want my children to be born as redheads.  I certainly didn’t want them to have the same teasing I had endured.  It wasn’t all terrible.  Some people liked it mostly the older folk.  Even motorcycle man once said when we were teenagers and dating, “I never thought I would date a redhead”  I’m glad I changed that for him.  He identifies me by my red hair now.  My red-headed bride, or just plain red.  I’m also not the typical fiery redhead.  I don’t have that temper one hears about in a redhead and I’m not witty or out-going.   I’m a mellow and quiet redhead who stands out because of her red hair.  I don’t want to say it defines me, but really it does.  People know me as the redheaded girl.  Anyway, I want to embrace my red hair.  I love it now.  I have loved it for the last several years actually since I became an adult.  Now when I see other redhead’s I like to refer to them as “my people or peeps”  My kids will spot a redhead and say, “hey mom, it’s one of your kind. ”  And finally, I love being my own unique breed, it suits me.  So also in this photographic Self Portrait journey, I’m able to capture the red locks, which one day will be grey, so got to love it while it lasts. 

I invite you to try it.  Turn the iPhone or camera your direction.  If you are not used to it, it will feel strange at first, maybe even like a teenaged girl with all her selfies in the bathroom mirror but the more this is practiced the easier it becomes.  It’s really weird when you take a photograph of yourself and you barely recognize the person in the image, as if you are looking at someone else.  This has happened to me before, I have an idea in my head what I look like, sometimes my images are not what I had in my head.


20 thoughts on “shake it out 2014

  1. I’ve only recently been comfortable taking my own picture… and it wasn’t that many years ago before that I became comfortable with others taking it – but there is such freedom in accepting me for me, so now, I’m constantly taking a SP. Or one with my son! 🙂

  2. What a brilliant post. Well needed I think. I’m so glad I found you and some of the other lovely ladies out there when I did. I am forever being asked by my local Insta friends why do you take photos of yourself. They look at me kind of strange too sometimes. I’ve explained to some and then thought so what… it’s for me, not them. And for my kids to know that I want to be seen and want to be seen with them. I’m missing from enough photos. No more. Your photos are always stunning. xo

  3. Tracie, I haven’t been commenting on many photos lately, but I’ve been following your ‘Shake it Out’ images and I just love them! I have always thought that you have the most gorgeous amber colored eyes, and of course your red hair is a trademark! It makes me so happy to see you embracing your wildly creative artistic self. Hurray!!! xo, a

  4. ❗️Moon child i ever noticed you were a ginger❗️
    So sad to hear you were bullied
    and just so you know all are teased!
    The “in crowd” has to pick on others so they feel better about theirselves!
    You are beautiful‼️‼️‼️

  5. I love that you brought up how different people can look throughout the day. It’s so true… depending on what’s going on in the day, how tired we are, what’s weighing on our hearts, what we’re looking forward to, etc., we can look different. The emotions and changes in our faces is amazing. I love your #shakeitout project and can’t wait to see more!

  6. indeed, you are an artist. a talented artist. and a gorgeous redhead. and a unique spirit. (ps: deep, deep thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog.)

  7. i adore your daily instagram posts, but now that i’m catching up here too – this is fabulous!! i learned so much from nowyou – what a powerful and transformative experience it can be, to turn the lens around on ourselves. often times, taking a picture of myself can give me the boost i need, sometimes to share a struggle but often times to feel empowered. and i love seeing little glimpses of you in your day-to-day!!

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