You are what you eat

I was inspired by Facebook today.  Yes FB!  A friend of mine posted a really pretty picture of produces and it read, You are what you eat….so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.  Well it prevented me from going through a drive through quick.  I had so much to do today after work, that a drive through sounded easy however I came straight home instead.  I had 30 minutes before I had to leave with Papa and take Austin’s car into the shop.  I got out our left over red quinoa from dinner last night, I added avocado, spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onion (still think they should be called purple onion) and cucumber to the quinoa, a little drizzle of olive oil, a little balsamic vinegar and that was lunch, I sprinkled sea salt on there too.  It was SOOOOO GOOD.  Really lots of flavor and wonderful tastes mixing together.  Colorful too.  I put in all the separate ingredients into my calorie counter app and it’s a little high for lunch at about 450 calories but did you hear/see all that really good stuff that was inside this quinoa salad?  And I made it in less than 10 minutes maybe even 5, ate it and cleaned up my mess before I had to leave and drop off the car at the mechanics.  Picked up littlest and only girl by 3:00, stopped by home depot for some light switches, Fresh and Easy for some corn tortillas and a little produce to juice tomorrow and now I sit here, telling you about it all.  I have less than an hour to be here then I have to get soccer player and last the oldest from work by 5:00.  And so on and so forth. I love being a mom though but my point is, I’m busy today.  I didn’t go through a drive through and I had a really yummy lunch, even took a picture of it so you could see within those 30 minutes.


I love lots of crunch in my stuff, so the onions and cucumber really provided that need for crunch.


this was the quick mess I had to clean up, not too bad.

A few hi-lights from this weekend would include the walk I took with two really amazing young girls.  These two girls have such an eye for finding things.  They were seeking out faces, hearts, patterns, flowers, making wishes and jumping with joy.  We walked to the corner Japanese dollar fifty store and sort of got lost in our walk back home.  We took an alternate route and found such fun things.  I plan to share more about our walk in my new blog which will be launched in February.  I will still be keeping this blog but my new blog will be a joint project with my friend Cathie and her daughter all the way over in Australia.  We plan on being healthy examples for our daughters. And will probably have a post once a week.  We each have one daughter and I’m so excited about this project I can hardly wait because the girls will be able to participate too.  The blog has a clever name that includes lots of C’S.  We are focusing on  words that begin with the letter C that will help us reach our goals and have loads of fun with our girls in the meantime.  So I will share more about our Saturday walk there when the blog goes live and maybe even a small slide show since we just found such awesome things on our outside adventure.  Here is a sneak peek of the three shadows out playing.  I hope you will be as excited as we are about the new blog.  It will be a very encouraging for mom’s or as Cathie says Mum’s with daughters.


I also had fun with my photo friend Sara.  Probably too much fun.  Nope no such thing as too much fun.

heartI made her be serious but the honest truth is, we were cracking up in between takes.

trixie and heideshe came with gifts, that puzzle over there and the HEART book and a darling dish.  I gave her a unicorn head and these two unicorns have plans.  Be on the look out for Trixie and Heide.

7 thoughts on “You are what you eat

  1. You and Cathie are starting a blog together? Oh, I can’t wait! The photography and inspiration is going to be beautiful. Thanks for reigniting my spark to eat healthy every day, even when we’re busy. Some days it’s too easy to skip meals or go through a drive thru, and I needed this reminder today.

    1. I’m the queen of skipping meals then getting so hungry I go through the drive through and order crap. I do that way more than I eat healthy. However this year I’m trying so hard to honor my word change. It’s a lot of work to actually change. I’m really excited about our shared blog, it will involve health and being positive examples for our daughters.

  2. Eeeeek. I missed this. We are so looking forward to the blog too although Jess doesn’t completely understand it all. 🙂 Just need to finish a couple of things. This weekend for sure. I love the pics of you and Sara. I so love the masks. Too funny.

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