A Year of Change

moms and girlsI’m so very excited to announce a new project that kicks off this month in February.  Towards the end of 2013 my friend Cathie in Australia and I talked about having a project together that would include our girls.  We tossed lots of ideas around and landed on the idea that we would be  good examples for our girls.  The past few years she and I have been accepting the fact that we are beautiful just as we are and in the past we may have put ourselves down, we may have called ourselves ugly or fat or avoided being in photo’s with our children because we didn’t look exactly “right” or what we considered “good enough.”  We didn’t have the perfect strong and toned body. This year that all CHANGES. We wrote a mission statement that included lots of words that began with the letter C.  Because of that we named our blog Life in the 7 Ceas  (and one  more for good measure)  our theme is nautical since with both live near water and our climate is mostly sunny.  We decided instead of just watching our children have fun we would begin to join them, to photograph ourselves having fun with them, doing healthy things with them.  We both posted our first post this weekend.  Cathie visited a local water spot they love to swim  at, we went on a long walk in our suburban neighborhood.  The girls from Australia share their story and pictures HERE and Us American girls share our story, pictures and video HERE.   I adore how on each of our outings with our girls we managed to find some hearts left out for us.  Please follow our journey this year as we have lots and lots of fun with our families, doing healthy things, getting off the sofa and away from the t.v. for fresh air and movement.

girlzMeet the beautiful girls, Jess and Abbie

me and cathieand their gorgeous Mums/Moms, Cathie and Tracie

Our mission statement is as follows:

CHANGE.  In order to change there must be CONSISTENCY, we must be COURAGEOUS in order to be fully COMMITTED to CARE for our vessels properly we need to be CAUTIOUS of what we put in our bodies and before we know it, we will be CONFIDENT in our new ways.  However we realize it takes enormous amounts of COOPERATION to truly succeed.

Be sure to read about the girls in Australia HERE   and the story behind Cathie’s motivation.  You can read about the girls in America HERE.

We plan to post about once a week.  We are both working moms or Mum’s as Cathie says it, and we have the best opportunity to do things with our girls on the weekends.  I hope you will join us this year as we CHANGE our lives for the better and show our girls just how wonderful it is to be a woman unique with our own special gifts and talents embracing what we were given and taking care of our health rather than trying to achieve that “perfect” body.

17 thoughts on “A Year of Change

  1. Wow… I just found your blog here through your instagram account, which i found from your featured post on Postal Pix Blog (with the instagram heart photo collage diy)… Anyway, i have had my own self-conscious issues with appearqnce, perfection, whatever you want to call it. I am so inspired by this post of yours and happy to have found your blog. I will highly consider taking part like this, in my own life; & will be reading more of your blog. What a fantastic share–Thank You!

    1. I’m so happy you found me! I think community and support are the best way to achieve our goals. Thank you also for leaving a comment. I know leaving comments can be hard to leave sometimes so I really appreciate it.

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