Checking in

It’s TIME!  Time for that once a month update I promised I would give.  Let me first focus on all the good things in regards to January 2014.  First of all I had a goal to lose 1.1 pounds a week for a total of 5 pounds in one month.  Ridiculously small goal but it’s my new way of thinking.  Go small because when I go big I get so overwhelmed I just quit.  I met my goal!  I had a goal to walk at least 3 times a week and welp, that was about it.  Remember SMALL goals!!

Today on February 4th, I’m 6 pounds down!

I walked 17 out of 31 days in January, I exceeded my goal!!

I tried beets raw for the first time!

I drank plenty of water!

I didn’t have any fully leaded soda for the month of January!

And I logged my calories for the entire month, didn’t miss a single day.  Even when I ate high calories treats, I logged them.  The app keeps me much more aware of what eating.

We went to eat at The Cheesecake factory, I kept with water and ordered off the 500 calories or less section of the menu and split a slice of cheese cake with Rich.

I ate at In-N-Out twice but had water instead of cola, and did my burger protein style and split a French fry with Rich rather than indulge in my own.

While I splurged during the month of January with McDonald’s ice-cream Sundays (twice) I had a cupcake and one candy bar, I also participated in eating some lemon bars I made for Abbie’s spa night at church, oh and a box of milk duds at the movies.  So I didn’t eat like a perfect angel but I still lost 6 pounds all that without feeling deprived!  Because although I ate some of this sugary stuff I mostly ate good things like, quinoa, plenty of healthy veggies and fruits, I juiced twice at the end of the month and ate plenty of proteins.   Remember my mention of small goals?

Here are my pictures, and I don’t see a difference yet but I do think my feet hurt a little less.

Feb 2014 beginning

Sure doesn’t look like 6 pounds makes a heap of difference yet but here it is. I had Abbie shoot these.  She was in a real big rush. (below was last month)

January 1 2014

Some things I decided for February.  I will keep my weight goal at 5 pounds in one month (it’s a short month too)  I will have a goal to walk at least 12 times, that’s still three times a week.  Abbie and I bought those big exercise balls, I plan to sit on the ball while watching t.v. using it at the computer table and while doing any kind of writing, this way I just focus on my posture and strengthening my core.  Abbie and I launched a new blog about healthy change with our friends from Australia so I also plan on having fun with Abbie while setting a great example.  That’s it for this month.  I’ll check in again in the beginning of March.

Just keep watching, my body is bound to change at some point.  You wouldn’t want to miss the CHANGE would you?

13 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Woohoo! Way to go Tracie – well done! You look absolutely gorgeous btw. Love the orange walls! Reminded me a bit of the orange walls I had in my old apartment. Back when I was single and had a career, which feels like a totally different reality now.

    1. oh man. Seriously having to feel so brave placing these before pictures up. I love the support you give me! I really love the orange walls I was almost going to paint them a different color but then the kids protested. So it stays orange for just a little bit longer.

  2. I’ve been reading all the time but not commenting BUT sending love and admiration from way over here by the sea. I love the blog you and your friend have started with the girls. I miss you too, Tracie. A lot.
    Love always,

  3. Way to go!! I’m super impressed with the weight loss, a pound a week is excellent! I’ve been watching my portions and exercising 30 min a day 4- 5 x a week and I don’t loose that much! 🙂 Love that you are making small choices that make a big difference!

    1. It’s just wrapping my head around the slow part. I’m really that person in the commercial who runs around the gym twice, jumps on the scale and then freaks out cause I have not lost anything yet. So well, let’s just get through this together, nice and slow like.

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