mint tea in a new tea cup

How many ways can I photograph my tea?  Let me count thy ways!  I took about 20 if you want to know the truth of the matter but I’m only sharing NINE.  You see today I had the pleasure of meeting my mom for lunch.  It was a perfect gray and drizzly day.  WE got just a tiny bit of rain here today which we desperately need.  I had the best lunch with mom and since it was cold we decided tomato soup and splitting a sandwich would be just right. I love talking to her, I could talk to her for hours, she is very supportive and positive and nice to be around.  I’m blessed to love my mom so much I know not all mother daughter relationships are close.   I could really go on about my mom but today I wanted to share with you the tea-cup I bought.  (she bought two really cool things too)  We saw this orange dainty saucer and tea-cup, the floral print was gorgeous but we were quite taken by the bold orange on the cup!  I mean normally these dainty pretty cups are soft and pastel and you know not so BOLD.  I fell instantly in love with it but didn’t really want to pay 12.00 for it.  So I passed it up.  My mom said “you need that cup, it’s so you”  And just as she was standing in line to pay for her things I said, “I’m going to get that cup”  walked back to get it.  She said “you need both!”  I settled for the one and decided I would for sure have my tea out of it this afternoon!   So here are the pictures of the tea-cup in many different angles and light.  I know orange isn’t for everyone but I love it.  So much so I have an orange tea kettle, orange walls and now this orange tea-cup and saucer. I read somewhere that orange promotes creativity.  So it’s all good.

IMG_1358 IMG_1367 IMG_1371 IMG_1377 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1389 IMG_1394 IMG_1399And in the end….there was a heart!!

18 thoughts on “mint tea in a new tea cup

  1. That really is beautiful. I love the orange saucer. So wonderful that you and your mum are so close and can see each other regularly. I’m a little envious,but in a good way. Oh, and if you look really closely on the sixth photo down in the water surrounding the teabag tag on the table, I see a tiny upside down heart! xo

    1. Hee, Hee I know your true thoughts on pink, I remember! It’s strange cause when I was little and even a teenager and up until young adult even, I claimed to HATE the color orange. Yes that strong, I hated it. Now I can’t get enough of it.

  2. That’s a lovely new mug.. very unique 🙂 Your relationship with your mom sounds beautiful. I’m lucky as well and am very close with my mother. I try to not take it for granted because so many people around me have negative relationships with their parents. Glad you were able to have a lovely day, and then a relaxing cup of tea!

  3. I love to hear that you also have a close relationship with your mom. It always breaks my heart when I hear people speak in negative light of their parents. I know not all people were meant to be parents either but sometimes parents are good and they still get a bad rap.

  4. I love, Love, LOVE the teacup. I have a few and love to use them with special friends or just because. I think it makes the tea taste better?!? Thanks for sharing. You have a GREAT mom!

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