grateful for the rain and legs that move me

rain walkLast night I walked in a drizzle.  It’s the best time to walk.  The smell of the wet asphalt is completely nostalgic for me, the mist on my face felt cold and I was so appreciative for the little bit of rain that fell upon our dry land.

I’m not very good at handling cold.  It was cold for me, the California native.  I wore grandpa’s hat.  I cherish his hat.  He left us too soon and his hat brings me comfort along with the roses he gave me that I watch bloom throughout the year.  His aloe vera plant that is bursting to seed right now at this very moment. I hold these things close.  I know they are just things but they are also reminders to me of a great man.  So I hold them close and I feel special when I wear his hat.  It keeps my ears warm in the California cold, drizzly night.  I walk and I remember him.

rain walk 2

I smell the smoky wood from a few fireplaces blazing, I smell wet grass, I see glistening sidewalks and I’m grateful that I have legs that move me.  Today it’s simple – being thankful for the sprinkles.

2 thoughts on “grateful for the rain and legs that move me

  1. Okay, I missed this post. And now I feel bad for not walking in our rain last week. It’s still raining here. I love these dark photos and the story along with them. I love this smell too and it always makes me take really long deep breaths. I think of many things along with the smell of rain. And they are all good!

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