Life in the 7 Cea’s and Moon People adventures

We have a second post in our new shared blog and I feel so completely inspired!  Abbie and I woke up this morning and couldn’t wait to read what our friends in Australia were up to last week.  We were completely inspired after we looked at all the awesome pictures and read about their week.  So inspired we got out our children’s cook books too and made lists of some new healthy snacks we want to try this week.  We even want to do the fruit kabobs like our Oz friends did.  Please stop by and visit our new blog.  It’s chalk full of great things, great healthy things and some fails too, like our artichoke we never got to eating and the girls from way across the other side of our world had an interesting smoothie experience.  You can see what this is all about by visiting the 7 CEAS.

So Friday was our Moon Gang adventure day and my Moon gals took me to my very first estate sale!  Oh, they couldn’t believe I had never done anything like that before.  I have to admit, it felt a little strange. I know it’s all just “stuff”  and we can’t take it with us but as I walked through this house I couldn’t help but to imagine the life lived inside those walls.  The parties they must have thrown, the memories made there.  I didn’t buy anything.  I nearly did, I picked up two heart coffee mugs but decided my cupboard at home is already overflowing, I didn’t NEED another mug.  I took a picture of them instead.  This home was big and beautiful in an expensive neighborhood, it sat on a golf course and although it was very original inside with wall paper in every room I could tell in its prime it was top of the top.  I will share with you some of what my eyes took in as I strolled through the house.  I think it’s worth sharing.  I was intrigued and it did feel strange, it just did.  I know if I did buy something I would buy it respectfully.

IMG_1400  This room was filled with silk flowers and the wall paper reminded me of the Brady Bunch


She must have been a petite gal, based on this sign we found, and her tiny shoes and small-clothes


This was my favorite wall paper in all the house.  There were extra rolls of it too in her laundry room, I  suppose I could have bought some


Luggage anyone? I wonder where all they have traveled?

IMG_1404She had a collection of wigs:) I imagine her to be a pixie kind of grandma

IMG_1406I even found a hippo for Miss Moonspinner, she holds a spot in her heart for these guys

IMG_1407The living room and den both had beautiful views of the golf course

IMG_1408the heart mugs I nearly bought

IMG_1410The Christmas room had some funky carpet, Moonspinner was crushing on the vacuum

IMG_1412I found this cart to be very charming in the blue dining room and that’s about it for the estate sale

Then the Moon gang took me to the coolest international market!  And I will explain this trip with pictures too.  Let me just say, I had another wonderful adventure with my moon peeps and got my laughs which added years to my life and “laugh wrinkles” to my face!  Brace yourself because you are about to meet our very own Moon Daisy in this blog, she agreed to let her face shine!


Yes she loves coffee this MUCH!!

IMG_1416We took our coffee and got some FRESH still WARM flat bread made homemade right there.  It was so GOOD!!

IMG_1418and look what we found in the bread!

IMG_1421We even found fresh turmeric

IMG_1423Isn’t their produce pretty?

IMG_1424oh and I forgot to mention, Moon Mama read to us the most darling book about a little bear and his friend the moon on our way to our adventure.  So until next time!  We love you to the moon and back;)

9 thoughts on “Life in the 7 Cea’s and Moon People adventures

  1. I completely love your moon posts. You can tell that you ladies really have fun and love one another. Along with the photos and stories the whole thing is just great.
    PS. I have never been to an estate sale either. But now I want to.

  2. I love reading about your Moon Girl gatherings 🙂 Estate sales are so much fun, but I agree, there is an urge to almost walk gently, speak softly, and exist quietly while in someone else’s place. I can’t help but wonder what their life was like, their challenges, their joys, etc. So many goodies at the estate sale you went to.. love that cart!

    1. That book is so CUTE, now we are thinking of incorporating a moon book read aloud with each trip. I showed great restraint by not getting those mugs. I know if she were my grandma I would always pick one of those heart mugs to drink out of while we sat to visit.

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