decim8 it’s an app for the iphone

I was introduced to this application called decim8 from a friend of mine called “Nessie”  she has introduced me to lots of really fun apps for my iphone, all to do with photography of course.  I decided to join her in a project.  I’m fairly consistent but I do miss a day from time to time.  She calls it Shakeitout2014 and it’s a fun little project that one does with their cell phone with another app called Hipstamatic  and these things can be addictive for photo junkies like me.  I think often the idea of a SP (self-portrait) is terrifying to most.  However as I have explained in the past, it’s all a part of our artistic expression in the community of artists where I like to spend some time.  I have life long friends who nearly think I’m a freak for some of the silly things I do like “selfies” and for sure when I crack out the unicorn head but it’s just sort of who I am and I try not to let negative comments or weird facial expressions of some slow me down any.  I have plenty of support otherwise and my kids especially are very used to my antics.  So the other day I was rolling the dice, cause that’s what you can do with the decim8 app to get random filters and patterns and I got stuck rolling the dice. It was like this strange addiction.  I couldn’t stop rolling the dice to see what this app would come up with.  Below are some of the results. 

decim8some are kind of pretty, while others are a little scary. So I’m just sharing about apps and projects in case any of you want to join or try.  It’s fun. It just is.  Just like breathing, believing and loving this is part of me.  Take it, leave it, ignore it, like it, hate it as long it provokes some sort of emotion then I have accomplished the part about art.

I have another busy day ahead of me.  You see the soccer player has his last game.  It’s an away game.  I plan on getting over there.  He did fantastic yesterday, blocked way more goals than went in.  One passed through but I was so proud of all the blocks prior.  Littlest girl still has a hurt knee from her ice-skating fall so she is taking the week off cheer.  I had a nice dinner with motorcycle guy last night and we spent an evening with the oldest this week which was nice.  We have a MAJOR PLUMBING problem right now.  It’s really, really bad.  Oh, yuck.  It may even need an actual plumber this time. Rich and Papa will see what can be done tonight.  I suppose we will just have to see.  I’ll be away tonight getting a hair cut.  I wonder what I will decide.  The word Shag has popped into my head a few times.

6 thoughts on “decim8 it’s an app for the iphone

  1. I love these apps and you always make them look even more amazing. I am for sure going to try Decim8. I have always loved Hipsta. Love the effects it gives.
    My friends looks at me a little strange too when I take SP’s. It’s not a very Townsville thing that’s for sure. Neither is blogging. So sometimes I pick who I share with. They just don’t get it like my Flickr/photography friends do. Which is fine, that’s just the way it is.
    PS: Boo to your plumbing problem. Hope it’s fixed soon.
    PPS: I am getting my hair done this afternoon too. How bizarre. Finishing word at 12 and new hair here I come. Can’t wait to see what you do. Be brave. CHANGE is good! 🙂 xo

    1. We have each other and I’m so thankful. Well, my change is not dramatic but it’s exactly what I had in mind. Very easy to do….or not do if you know what I mean. I cant’ wait to see yours and since we have had plumbing issues the past two days, our fruit kabobs have not been made cause the kitchen should have caution tape all around it, the bathrooms too. It’s horrible, just horrible. Plus little Abbie has had an injured knee all week from her ice-skating fall. It should have been me, not her! So we have had to do some creative thinking.

  2. Hello beautiful
    I saw a tip for plugged drains
    Vinegar➕ baking soda let sit a bit hot water and wait for the magic
    Or the miracle?
    And please don’t cut mullet comes to my mind
    Those stylist just practice
    I love you
    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Oh, no worries my moondaisy, it’s still long and just layered and chances are nobody will notice very much. I love it, she did exactly what I wanted. No mullet, you will approve! Oh boy, that plumbing problem needs a miracle. Motorcycle man stayed home from work…it’s that bad. It’s the worst ever. It’s very much like camping where I Live right now.

  3. That is a neat app. I’ll have to look for it.

    We are living similar lives with kid’s sport and things keep breaking around here too. So far this month, we’ve fixed the oven, the dishwasher, the chorinater, the sump pump and the car. Some of the fixes were done by the dad, but some had to have the professionals called in. Sigh..

  4. I’m so glad you said it – some of those pictures were pretty scary, or flat out freaky… but those that weren’t, were awesome! Hope you like your new haircut and that the major plumbing problem turns out to have a really easy and cheap fix! Sending good energy to you today (even though I’m way behind on reading your life and realize that you probably have already updated us to the aforementioned items. I’m still going with it, though!)

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