Crossing things off my dream list….number 23

I wrote a dream list a few years ago.  It’s for the most part a very simple dream  list, things like bake a cherry pie are on that list but yesterday I was able to cross off number 23, get a tattoo.  IMG_1745

 Since Cam isn’t working out of a shop, he has to transfer the drawing first to a special sheet that then transfers to me, to use as a template.

I have wanted one half my life but the timing was never just right, right, money was better spent on other things.  The big goal was to get one on my 40th, it didn’t feel right to do when my grandpa was so near death, I just couldn’t.


The light was perfect, it began at golden hour as the light danced into the room.  I loved feeling it on my face.

My cousin Jeanie has a very talented son, who is an amazing artist who also just happens to tattoo, he is building his portfolio so he gave me my fist tattoo at a very reasonable price and he did it in the comfort of our own home. I really especially loved hearing his passion for the art of tattoo, giving me the history of how they began with circus freaks, then sailors and onto motorcycle gang type people to where now it’s acceptable for the every day kind of person to wear art.  He is also very meticulous in all aspects of his art.  He is very aware of how clean and sanitary his equipment is, no  cross contamination and things I had never considered or thought of.  He explained his set up, his tear down.  It was very comforting.   



 I didn’t tell too many people I was going to do this.  Jeanie and I had marked the calendar and not even my children knew.  It was just something I wanted to keep fairly sacred, I didn’t want a big audience, I felt it most important I take a few pictures of the process myself.

photo (17)


from my point of view.


Several months back I saw a gorgeous drawing my friend Mar did.  I made a comment and it led to tattoo design.  She offered to design several different variations of a dove for me.  Most might expect for me to get a peace sign or a heart even but it was a symbol of love and peace I had in mind.  She sketched out several variations and she kept in mind my personality.  The one I choose will end up being very colorful because I’m a lover of color too.



 It was a mini tattoo party, Cam tattooed his mom, which I loved to witness & she put my handwriting on her arm with the words love.  What an honor.

I really love owls and an egret holds special meaning but a dove it represents peace and love all in one, in my faith it represents the Holy Spirit and in the “wild”  doves are faithful to one another and they keep the same partner for always until death, they build their home together, they raise their young together, they often do it so humans can watch, to show an example of how they are committed and work as a team with each other.  They are peaceful neighbors unlike the hawk who I admire for different reasons but a hawk will kill their neighbor while a dove will live in peace and love with their neighbor.  It was a dove after all who brought the message of promise and new beginnings to Noah.

photo (18)

I know I will not have full support in the choice I made.  My mom for the longest time would tell her friends that her daughters were not tattooed and she would rather not see the love of art on my body.  I know my in-laws are not big supporters of ink, I know some friends of mine would never personally choose this permanent  form of expression however as we all have been created different with different likes, dislikes and expression, for me it feels right.  It just does.  I for years held the feelings of others close to my heart when it came to big choices like this but that causes more turmoil than doing what is in my nature.  

IMG_1772here she is!  Now imagine her filled with color and added words, she still has a way to go.

17 thoughts on “Crossing things off my dream list….number 23

  1. You are so sweet. That is perfect for you. I’m so proud that you have obviously thought this through and grown in your own sense of self to where now is the right time. You will love this expression for a long time to come. She is going to be a beauty.

  2. Congratulation on crossing off #23 from your list! I really enjoyed reading about why you chose a dove and all the wonder this symbol holds for you… Really awesome T

  3. It seems perfect for you, And being able to have it done somewhere you are comfortable is great, I remember my sister coming home from her tour in Bosnia with the army. She had had her tongue pierced and arm tattooed in a brothel in Budapest. Luckily, it went well for her.

  4. I LOVE IT!! It’s going to look great once it is completed! I’m also so very excited for you! I remember my first one… and my parents and family and co-workers reaction to ME getting one. I remember my second one, and my parents and siblings reactions. and then my third and how their reactions had changed, and then my fourth. and the last one I just got was a memorial tattoo in honor of my brother, and how my mom cried when she saw it and loved it.

    So, I’m glad you are doing it for YOU. And, over time, they won’t even see the tattoo anymore, they’ll just see you!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I knew it would be about peace and love, but I really didn’t expect you to do a heart strangely enough. This is perfect. I love that you were able to do this in your home with friends around and by someone you know. This is all perfect and accompanied by some really gorgeous photos. I can’t wait to see it finished in all it’s glorious colour. 🙂

  6. Congratulations Tracie for finally doing it and I agree with Kate when said that it’s lovely because you’re doing it for yourself – that’s all that matters. Love the design too and meaning behind it 🙂

  7. Perfect for you, Tracie. Can’t wait to see its progression… Did I ever tell you the story about how Evren visited me in the form of a dove before he was conceived? I’ll tell you sometime. xoxo

  8. Ooooohh. Tracie, I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for a while, and have a concept I want to explore and put as art on my body soon. I too have friends and family that will not be supportive. Your ink is an inspiration and so very, very beautiful! Thank you for sharing your journey and process with me. Looking forward to seeing your dove in color!

  9. I love this post, I’m looking forward to seeing the finished tattoo. I especially love the evolution of your choices, individual, artistic, familial, emotional, spiritual, and the careful consideration you have given to your design’s symbolism. The whole experience as you have described truly does feel sacred.

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