meditation in my very own backyard

There are days when I walk into our backyard and the light is just so right.  On this day I took special notice of grandpa’s aloe plant.  I have never seen it with so many blooms as I have this season.  I practiced just a little on manual settings on my still new camera.  I have so much to learn.  It will be really dark, then really light and it seems like it has so many more settings than my old manual camera or even my faithful 20d.  So on this day I took pictures of the aloe, which lead me to the children’s trees.  They are bare but I see promise of spring.  Dylan’s tree is the strongest, the biggest and most healthy it seems.  While the other ones are doing okay, his seems to be thriving and already has a few new tiny leaves.  Being in the backyard is nice.  It’s like a small slice of peace for the day.  I’m content looking closely at God’s creation in my very own backyard.  Rich the other day kept hearing a tiny vibration.  He thought a phone was lost in the backyard someplace when he notice a tiny humming bird building the most tiny nest you have ever seen.  So we filled the hummingbird feeder again.  I’m nervous with little rain this season what our garden will be like, what the cost of water will be like?  I get nervous.  I know in the long run it will be okay.  I wonder how so many states can be covered in winter snow while we can barely get a drizzle of rain? These images below are just my meditation.  I call it that because it’s a time when I feel more near to my Creator.  It’s a time when I feel very special and loved. And of course a heart was found in the aloe:)

IMG_1818 IMG_1829 IMG_1836 IMG_1838 IMG_1851 IMG_1855 IMG_1861 IMG_1871 IMG_1873 IMG_1879 IMG_1882 IMG_1883 IMG_1890

16 thoughts on “meditation in my very own backyard

  1. I’ve forgotten how this kind of light looks like – what with the dreary winter days here in England. Thanks for reminding me! Already I feel better.

  2. Those blooms on your grandpa’s aloe plant are amazing. I guess I have never seen one in bloom before. The light is magical. Thanks for sharing this part of you day with me. xoxo

  3. These photos are gorgeous. Such vibrant colour. All I see is white these days, but the days are getting longer and the warm weather can’t be that far off.

    I love that you are getting acquainted with your new camera too. Mine has so many settings…it still scares me. You have given me a gentle nudge to get out with it again this weekend.

    Hugs, Connie. 💖

  4. I did not know aloe’s could look like that either. I like that you can find that lovely connection with your plants and in your own little space. And I love that you have plants for your family. They will be fine and the rains will come. Our garden is a bit like that. When I have a moment to myself out in our yard I just love to stare up into the palms, watch them sway in the breeze. That is bliss to me. xo

  5. So much beauty right in your backyard. Great job with learning the new manual camera… I love the different focus in each picture 🙂

    I’ve been learning manual as well and find that I’m constantly changing my aperture or shutter speed depending on where I’m standing.

  6. No kidding it’s a lot of switching around on those numbers, one minute the image looks pretty good then I turn around and step in a different light and I have to practice all over again, move it up or down and well I suppose after time it may come natural….not so sure. I cant’ wait for your future farm, can you imagine all the photo options you will have right on your very own farm?

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