Japanese Feast with friends

Thursday night Lilly came over to go to the local Korean market with me to buy food for our Friday night Japanese feast.


I was the only red-head in the entire store and watch out cause I’ll be back!


Lilly was telling me the love of span in the Asian culture.  We got the spicy and regular and we all loved it warpped in seaweed and rice.

IMG_1909We found the fish section to be very photogenic


plenty of awesome produce for reasonable prices

Then Friday arrived and it was time to prepare, watch, learn, help, laugh, talk, visit and listen to music.  I had such a great night with my friend who also happens to own the most incredible shop and everything she sells in her shop, it helps less fortunate and it’s full of adorable handmade things.  I just have to put in a plug for one of my most favorite stores while I’m at this, I have talked about it before, it’s not knew news to my long time readers.  It’s called “Share and Do Good”  and very soon she will be opening up an online store so if you don’t live in our area, you would be able to browse her shop on line.  Not only did Lilly come by to show us how a Japanese feast is done, we invited the girls who grew up in our neighborhood to sit and watch and visit and EAT!  I’m pretty sure I can now do this on my own.  I was always a little intimidated to work with raw fish but now I know exactly where to buy our sashimi and also how to prepare it.  I just need a rice cooker and I’m set, oh and the darling cute dishes she brought along to present our food on.  I took only a few pictures because to be honest, I was too busy being in the moment than photographing our moments and when it came time to eat, I couldn’t spend very much time photographing the beautiful food, I had to eat it for goodness sake!


our spread to prepare

IMG_1919Lilly busy making our food pretty


we had a nice amount of fresh veggies and produce and good protein, with some carbs to round out the meal

IMG_1921Some of the girls from the neighborhood.  I have had the privilege to watch them grow into beautiful young ladies

IMG_1923The spread

IMG_1925My empty plate ready for the feast

IMG_1928The idea was to build our own Sushi tacos and that we did!

It was a really fun night filled with all things good. We even drove to 85 degrees for dessert!  It just so happened to be the grand opening on Friday night so hello!  AMAZING.  If you have not been, you must go!  We even got free key chains and since I bought a big box of pastries, I got a the coolest most happy red coffee mug you have ever seen!  I’m chalking February 21st, 2014 up to a very great night.

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