Moon People Out and About

It’s that time again!  The Second Friday of the month where the moon gang gathers.  This time it was in my neck of the woods so I could introduce them to our Japanese Dollar store and our awesome Asian bakery.  We decided that our outings usually include for sure these few things, our gas tanks are typically on empty, we have to make a U-turn at least once and usually includes one or many of the following; agriculture, thrifting, food, wanderings, crafting (in future plans) and always, always without fail there is coffee involved.   Before we  visited the new Asian shopping center we first decided to go take a peek at the tulip mans front yard.  He happens to live in the town I grew up in and not too far from my home now.  Oh goodness, it was so pretty his front yard, much like a sweet cottage from another country.  The sky was so blue on this day too, very beautiful were the colorful flowers against the green grass and the blue sky and his trees were just beginning to get new leaves for spring.  Take a look below at some of the pictures from his yard.

IMG_3030Not only did he have boat loads of tulips, he also had my favorite spring flower, daffodils!

IMG_3036We were hoping he might pop out to say hello, but no such luck on this day


IMG_3042I really loved this ruffley one, I had not seen one like this before

IMG_3043It really had me wanting to plant some bulbs next year but it’s a lot of hard work digging deep

IMG_3052That’s our very own MoonDaisy back there taking it all in!

IMG_3056The Moon Gang in shadow form

Our very next stop, Daiso Japan oh, how I adore this store and it’s so close to my house, it’s dangerous!  So we carefully combed the aisles of Daiso and I personally love how so much of the stuff in this store is just plain happy!  literally many of the products have smiles on them.  Check it out:)

IMG_3059Happy little trash cans and tissue box covers

IMG_3061makes cleaning kind of fun!

IMG_3062After combing the aisles of Daiso we walked across the parking lot to 85 Degrees to grab our cup of coffee and share a few pastries.  We were very excited to find they made half-moon cakes!!! So we ordered our coffee and sat outside enjoying the California weather.  Not to mention, hearts are usually also found on our outings of course!!

IMG_3065See half-moon cakes!!

IMG_3067getting ready to open up some moon cake, see the piggy timer?  That was a gift from Miss Moonspinner to MoonDaisy!  MoonDaisy sort of has a thing for pigs.

IMG_3068some of the best hearts are inside coffee

IMG_3070Fluffy, light and not too sweet

IMG_7313MoonMama gifted me this sweet heart espresso cup and saucer, it was the most adorable espresso cup I have ever seen!

IMG_3071And the day!  It came to a close but not before we did our famous foot shot, notice Me and MoonDaisy picked up some acupuncture slippers for a buck-fifty, they have coffee beans and cups on them.  She got some so I had to try too, she tells me they are good for circulation!

5 thoughts on “Moon People Out and About

  1. Dish scrubbies with smile faces! How good is that! The outings always sound so fun, such good energy. I feel it reading and looking at the pictures. Let me know how those slippers are. I’m always on the lookout for foot stuff. Wishing you a day that is full of peace. Each full moment.

  2. What a lovely garden! I love tulips too 🙂 Your moon-outings sounds so much fun and if only we had a Japanese store nearby too, though on second thought, maybe that would be a bad idea especially since I’m trying to save!

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