hearts given – hearts found

I realize there a lot of heart seekers out there.  I have created a small mosaic of some of the hearts sent my way.  These are not even all of them because sadly I have misplaced some sent via text or even email.  I didn’t realize I would be given so many hearts and in the earlier stages of receiving them I had not been wise enough to save them to my photo library.  I just wanted to take the time today to thank anyone who has thought of me and sent me a heart either, via text, e-mail or left them on my face book page for me to find.  Each time I have been given a heart found, it will make my day that much brighter, it feels as though I’m connected with the seekers in a special way, like this really amazing heart bond happens.  I can’t help but to smile, sometimes even say things out loud like “Oh, my word, I LOVE it”  Then I will show my kids or my motorcycle man what has been given to me and the smiles, they spread.  Thank you from the bottom of my real live heart for all the love sent my way.  It’s always, always appreciated.  And sometimes when my days are not so good because believe me, sometimes they are not so bright as some of my others, then on those days the hearts mean even more.  It’s like a bright spot in my gray day.  This post alone re-inspired me to find more hearts!

hearts given

jenn sky heart

My friend Jen found a HUGE cloud heart in the sky and shared it with me!  She said she had not seen it as she took the image but when she uploaded it, she was excited to discover a clear heart of clouds.  I also thought you may want to visit her blog because she is a pretty amazing photographer and friend.   Our story is a good one.  I call her the cupcake girl.  I met her when she was baking the best cupcakes I have ever had.  It was my hi-light of Thursday Farmers market.  I also bought a beanie from her once, she is off the charts talented, she can take amazing photo’s, bake, knit, cook, garden, care for her farm…. basically a Renaissance woman, okay so anyway I bought this really cool beanie and of course it had a peace sign patch on it.  Years later she was browsing my flickr stream and noticed my beanie, the one she had made.  We realized we had been admiring each others photo’s but we already kind of knew each other via the Thursday night market when she would sell me her delicious cupcakes.   So visit her here at “A View From A Brown Dog”  you will not be disappointed.

8 thoughts on “hearts given – hearts found

  1. I will most certainly visit her blog. I think I have before, but will be checking in again. I love your heart collection. You deserve them missy. Your photos and blog posts always make me smile, so I’m sure you bring happiness to lots of others too. Oh, by the way you missed my heart I sent you… so I’m heartbroken and may never recover. Seriously though… I”m only kidding chickadee. I want to send it to you again though because I think you can never have too many hearts in your day. 🙂 http://www.flickr.com/photos/smee72/8049680518/

  2. LOOK how many people heart you.. I know I sure do! What a lovely collection you have here and I am honored to be included in it. Thank you. I sure love our story and hope you and the motorcycle man can make it down to the ranch. If you come i’ll bake you some cupcakes 🙂 xo

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