Spring Lunch in an Egg Carton

Of course this is NOT my original idea, that’s what Pinterest is for and I saw it there first.  Although my girl is in the 6th grade, she is still super-duper excited to take her lunch tomorrow.  This is how we did it.  I think it should be enough, I made four tiny heart sandwiches but also nearly another whole slice of ham cut into hearts and an addition slice of cheese, all which pretty much equal a full sandwich when you add them all up.  I could actually stuff a little more into the egg once I put the tops on.  I took this idea a step further though and decorated the egg carton.  We had the egg carton on hand, we had eggs from years and years of egg hunts, I save them and re-use each Easter and even the things I used to decorate the carton were in my craft cupboard.


I began with the carton


filled it up with 4 heart ham and cheese sandwiches, heart cheese, heart ham, tomatoes, one strawberry, black olives, blueberries, little fish crackers and lemon wafer cookies.


and remember when the top goes on, more can go on that side of the egg.  I will see tomorrow if this ends up being enough food for a 6th grade girl.  We could always pack an apple or other snack on the side.


I also snuck in a little note.


TaDa! Her most favorite color, pink of course!

9 thoughts on “Spring Lunch in an Egg Carton

  1. O…M…G…!!!!! This is too cool for school (pardon the pun). This is really really cute. To think I threw out 2 egg cartons on the weekend. Grrr… I am doing this for my girl for lunch on the last week before Easter break. Only 2 weeks away. I really love this and the cute messages you put on the outside. 🙂

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