day 3 song challenge

Day 3 A song that reminds you of one or both your parents This one goes to mom.  I have a VIVID memory of her cleaning house on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I think she even wore a bandana on her head.  She placed the record player for some reason on the dining room table (if I’m wrong mom, it’s my childhood memory trying to recall) and she played this song over and over again as she cleaned house and she danced around when she cleaned.  I learned that from her I suppose, I always clean and cook with music and dance around a little. “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” – Rod Stewart



10 thoughts on “day 3 song challenge

  1. Love it! I have a stereo table with a record player (antique mall… $50) and I tend to put on a record and turn it up loud when I’m cleaning. (I go for Pandora on the iPod when cooking). Mr. T likes to come in and turn it down a touch. 🙂

    1. What a steal on the record player! I love Pandora and Spotify and we have speakers in the kitchen that I plug my iphone into, I crank the music when I cook and guess what, every so often a child or even motorcycle man will come in and turn it down a tad. What’s that all about… hee hee

  2. Hmm, maybe I should try playing that song too while I do my chores? 😉 I love Rod Stewart’s song “The First cut is the deepest” 🙂

  3. My father loved music and our home was full of Benny Goodman and the sorts. They would push the furniture back and we would dance. My father taught me how to follow a lead. Then they would dance and it was magic. Their song was Sentimental Journey. Oh my Tracie, thanks for this memory!

  4. Great song and I was thinking how it sounds like your mum is like you or vice versa. 🙂 We usually have the music cranking on weekends, otherwise its the drone of the TV from the kids. I love this song. I sing the “I Married An Axe Murderer” version with Mike Myers. You just have to sing it with his Scottish accent. As I do! Haha.

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