April 1st check in – weight loss progress

March 2014.jpg

Start of April 2014 (No loss)

January 1 2014

Beginning of January

This is embarrassing to report. On March 1st I was supposedly re-energized on this eat healthy move more plan. Well, turns out I actually gained a few pounds then to shed those to be exactly the same as I was the end of February.  Sigh…honestly I want to scream my lungs out, break a window, hit a wall. Funny right? And you thought I was all about peace. I get angry. I do. This is not easy. In fact it’s really hard. I LOVE food! I love food of all kinds, good bad and in between. I love food so much I take pictures of what I eat. I’m all about it. It has to be presented well and taste good. Let me explain something about me. I have this personality flaw…the all or nothing haunting trait. So you see, I was using an app called my fitness pal and I would put in my calories and exercise etc. I was on a streak like 60 days and that was getting me pumped up, I thought “can you imagine if I do this for 100 days in a row?” What an accomplishment that will be!! So I hop on one day and I notice a message that reads, you are on a two day streak. I was like “what the what!” Turns out I had forgot to “complete” an entry one night and it started me all over again. I even tried to go back those few days and complete the entry but it didn’t fix the problem. I was beyond angry. So in my human, stubborn head….you have no idea how stubborn I am. I dig my heels in real deep, have you heard that phrase, “cutting off the nose to spite the face?” That’s me! And hello, who came up with that phrase? It’s just weird but it’s used to describe a needlessly self-destructive over-reaction to a problem. Yep, that’s me and self-destructive is the only thing this is. The app doesn’t care that I stopped using it, no sweat off its brow. I’m basically just hurting myself. Turns out that app does kind of help when it’s used properly. It helps keep me aware of what I’m putting in my body. I have decided April will be better than March and in order to succeed, one must have a plan.

And just like my other prior check-in entries I will fist share some success that I had in March.

I’m not sure how many days I walked (hence not tracking) but I know I walked several times this month.

I drank water and not just water but detox water with lemon, mint and cucumber a few different times

I brought lots of salad in a jar to work for lunch

I kept up my weekend activates with littlest and only girl so our blog can have weekly updates of how we are having fun being healthy with each other. If anything I’m having fun being outside with my girl. And you may take this as being conceited but even though I’m 175 pounds I feel like I look alright. I do get frustrated trying on clothes but I feel like I look like a healthy curvy woman. I’m proud of my curves, that’s one thing for sure. God made me with some curves and sturdy legs but my feet have started to hurt again. They stopped for a little while in February and I guess it just takes going up a pound or two for me to feel the difference in my tiny little feet. This part I want to change the most. If I have been asleep or sitting for any period of time I hobble like an elder when I first get up.

My plan for April will include continued walking, more and more water, salads in a jar for lunch (see, I already made my weekly salads)


(approx 300 calories in a jar)  the olive oil, balsamic, dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds take up a good majority of the calories but make it yummy to eat.

I also just purchased something called a fitbit flex! I will be logging my calories on to this app now, it doesn’t require me to close out my day, it just keeps track of what I put in there.  It also keeps track of my steps.  My goal is 10,000 a day. It also knows when I wake up in the middle of the night, how many minutes I’m restless etc.  It’s kind of trippy. It’s day two and I’m obsessed (easy for me to do)   I’m NOT QUITING.  Although not much changed in March,  I visually in these photo’s see a difference, my butt isn’t as big. Oh and one last goal for this year and health.  I want to do a head stand, so I need to work on getting my core strong.

28 thoughts on “April 1st check in – weight loss progress

  1. I completely understand how frustrating it can be. Since I dropped 50 lbs., I’ve been at a standstill. I know I need to exercise more and plan meals better, but sometimes it’s just plain hard! Even if you’re scale isn’t moving, I’m telling you — you can see a big difference. You look like you’ve lost weight and you look happier 🙂

    1. I keep thinking of that song “put one step in front of the other” I know in my heart the walking and all the good things I’m doing is good for my heart in more ways than one and so I continue. The journey feels so long though. I appreciate your encouragement.

  2. I think you look beautiful! I wondered from the beginning why you wanted to lose weight – but I think it is more of being a bit healthier for you – and so your feet don’t hurt!
    So jealous of the fitbit!! I did buy a cheap pedometer just to see how many steps a day I was taking. I lost it on day 2. But, I never beat 8,000 steps… and that was with two walks a day! It was amazingly harder to hit 10,000 steps than I thought!

    1. Thank you Kate so much. I’m really loving the fitbit and getting in the 10,000 is a HUGE challenge when I sit half my day at a desk and for other working mom’s who work full time, the challenge would be even harder. I have taken to doing weird step things when I’m at the scanner or bathroom sink at work…just to get in extra steps!!

  3. Ah, dear woman, dear woman. I wish we could sit down and natter. I’m so grateful to you for the you that you are. I want you to have happy feet. I could have written this post. Maybe one day we’ll pose for a duo shot in our knickers. Stranger things have happened, right? Be loving to your dear self.
    Pam oxoxoxoxoxox

  4. God bless you girl. I love your honesty. The scale doesn’t mean that much, because I bet that your clothes are fitting differently, and you are pumping up all that health into your body. That can only be good. I was considering a fitbit thing. Maybe I’ll go ahead and get it and we can check in on how that 10,000 steps are going! I have to go to the doc today for my annual exam. Guess what…I didn’t even GO last year cause I didn’t want to get on the scale! Lol…that’s gonna backfire today when I have 2 years of gain to account for! Ahhhhh!!!

    1. Let me know how your appointment goes. I need to schedule all my appointments too. I’m planning for summer…hee hee after I lose a little weight…ha ha! I totally get you. I think you should get one of those fitbit things, I LOVE it!! Abbie wants one too, she saw a friend of hers at school was wearing one and that really got her interested. I figure she and I can see who gets the most steps in each day, I told her she will have me beat hands down! She just smiles.

  5. I think you are looking great! I have been wanting a fitbit too! I can’t wait to see how you like it.

    1. It’s only day four Staci and as of right now….in love with it! It challenges me and I love that! I gave up my fitness pal for fitbit. Sorry fitness pal:( And thank you friend for your encouragement.

  6. Oh Tracie I’m sorry your stupid app let you down. (It’s totally the apps fault and I’m sticking with that). You do look great and we are both curvy women who LOVE our food. Yep we do. My husband has told me if I lose weight and lose me boobs he’s divorcing me. I basically said have you tried carrying these things around. It’s not fun! Anyway I’m off track and thought you might get a laugh. We are doing the very best us busy working mums can do. As you said the being outside with Abbie makes you feel better, so that’s a bonus right there. The rest will come. We just need to be kind to ourselves and let it happen when we are ready. Getting out doing something/anything does feel great though. We will just keep encouraging each other. xoxo Love you long time missy.
    PS. I bought a Fitbit about a week ago and it’s still sitting its box. I’m so terrible. 🙂 I really want to see what it tells me about my sleep. I don’t think it will be good.

    1. Get that thing out of the box and on your wrist, it’s super duper easy to set up and I do think the sleep portion is interesting. If you wear it we can link together and see how many steps we are doing. Since you work even more hours than me it will be a challenge but when you go to the powder room, do steps a the sink, do steps at the copy machine. I do anything to get my extra steps in, I’m like a crazy person. I love how alike we are. I just do. We are so human.

  7. Never get on the scales, go for the fit of your clothes!

    After New York I think I need to join you. I keep a pair of old trousers that are worn out and torn but when I can get into them then I know I’ve cracked it!

    1. Oh Sue! So happy you are here! I have missed you and I was so glad to rediscover your blog. Welp, I can’t wait for my clothes to fit right. I agree, I really don’t care what it reads, as long as my feet get better and I feel better and my clothes are no longer tight.

  8. Yeah, losing weight is hard. I’m in the same boat. I think most of us probably are. For the record though, I don’t think you were being conceited at all- even if you’ve had a setback, you’re a very beautiful woman. 🙂

  9. Yesterday as I waited for my husbands to see a doctor at the VA, I decided to walk and see some sights. I went down many steps outside and took pictures and when it came time to hike back up I was heaving and out of breath. It was terrible. It was like, hello that extra twenty on my small frame is too much. It’s ongoing and in my heart I know I need to take goliath down..I love the salad in the jar idea..

    1. Thank you for going back a ways. I can really understand your words. It’s so hard all the doing the right things in order to be healthy but I know in my heart too it’s so important. We need to be healthy for our children, for our husbands. It’s up to us. A choice but I wonder why that choice can be so hard. For me it’s so hard. It for sure doesn’t come natural. I really appreciate you visited different places in my blog today. The salad in a jar is awesome. I Like to put homemade soup in jars too. I work so I can just grab and go and so can anyone else in this house, they can grab it and go. My friend takes smaller jars and makes them into snack jars, carrots, celery and little things like that cut up all nicely in a jar. Take Care.

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