music challenge – day 9 – a song that makes you hopeful


It has to be without a shadow of a doubt “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles.  A few springs ago I took a workshop called Now You Spring.  This workshop lead to a lot of really amazing friendships, mind-blowing ones. It was a private group of all women and we were learning how to turn the camera towards ourselves.  We were given different topics each week to explore.  Since the group was private we were able to share from our hearts, no holding back and thus, these really amazing friendships were formed.  All this to say, the video below was taken during this workshop.  I would drive to the beach a lot of days after work and after I picked up Abbie from school.  We would then drive to Seal beach and just play, me and the girl because she got out earlier than my boys.  I felt and still feel like the beach holds healing qualities.  It gives me a feeling of peace and I like to just be there.  I like to go into the water and feel the salt water on my skin.  I have a skin condition and the sea salt will begin to heal my legs.  It always hurts at first but when I’m finished it feels like God has dipped me in His healing waters.  Below is a video and a memory with my littlest and only girl.  I choose the song “Here Comes the Sun”  It holds such hope this song.  I later framed this image and it hangs in my bedroom.  It was a really great day with my girl.  I day I will never forget.  We had many that spring, but it is very rare that I take the time to drive to the beach during the week.  So it was a rare and special time in my life.

9 thoughts on “music challenge – day 9 – a song that makes you hopeful

  1. Oh love this song too! Grew up listening to the Beatles, my dad loves them. When my brother got married, this was the song that was played while we (was a bridesmaid) walked down the aisle 🙂

  2. I love, love, LOVE that you make your own videos to go with great songs! It makes the song so much more personal. Lovely pick and wonderful video.

    1. oh heck no, I just happened to have those videos made from a long while ago and naturally I will pick songs I love so I just had them on hand. I may only have one more like that. I figure they are sort of boring for others but for me they are great memories documented with moving pictures.

  3. I’m with Kate!

    I love the idea of the workshop you attended. I swear the reason I love photography and took four years of it in school was because I liked behind the lens and not in front of it.

    This song was on my biking soundtrack. I was always so happy when it would come on during my last mile … what encouragement not to park the bike and collapse in a ditch.

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