Music Challenge Day 10 – A song by your favorite band


This so far has been the most difficult day. Depending on the season of my life I may be into different types of music. I mean I will always have a spot in my heart for the classics like The Beatles, The Doors and Led Zeppelin and to see Regina Spektor in concert was on my dream list but then there was a time in my younger years where I couldn’t get enough of Janes Addiction, The Cure or Smashing Pumpkins, Love & Rockets, Bauhaus the Cramps, Later to listen to anything by Bright Eyes or Conor Oberst, then there is nearly anything Jack White produces that I seem drawn to, MGMT, Naked and Famous more recently bands like Radical Face have sucked me in. The list could go on and on for days and days, depending on the hour, what I’m up to etc. So to pick just one is really, really a challenge. So I’m just going to go with MGMT “All We Ever Wanted was Everything” because I think they do a really great Bauhaus cover and I like both bands and I can listen to this song over and over for some strange reason.

4 thoughts on “Music Challenge Day 10 – A song by your favorite band

  1. Yep, I’m with you and Kate. I really depends what mood I’m in to what I call my favourite song/band. I do have a song that’s right up there, but saving that for the right post. I haven’t heard this one Miss Tracie. You are really introducing me to some different and amazing music. 🙂 It so good. It’s funny though, because every song you share I can serious say… that sounds so Tracie. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one racking my brain on this one. How do you pick ‘the one’. Never heard of this band, but I’m liking what I hear. Going to have to learn more about these guys!

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