the dove



The other day I was in the backyard.  I heard the doves call.  I looked up and their he/she was.  It made me feel happy, just the presence it had.  I went inside and grabbed my camera.  I took a few images.  Then it took flight.  I only had one chance really, I had my 300 on so panning as it flew felt impossible.  But I got this one shot, wings wide open and it sort of reminded me of the dove on my arm.




Today I feel a little stressed.  It’s tiny things and somehow my motorcycle man seems to deal with this stuff way easier than I do.  This is how it went down.  Yesterday I got home and there was a notice on my door step from the electric company.  It read “danger”  please call me regarding your vine.  We have a crazy morning glorying making its way up the wires.  I wanted to immediately go in the backyard and cut the vine down. But the vine is far bigger than me and strong and crazy and it wasn’t a job to do quickly after work and before dinner.  This bothers me.

Today when I got home we had a notice from animal control.  It was about George who was our old German shepherd who has been dead for years.  They want to collect a license fee and also a penalty fee.  The answer for this is simple.  George is dead but the honest answer is, we also have a new dog who has already been with us 3 years and he although has been neutered and has his shots (finding the paperwork whole different story) and we got his shots from a mobile vaccination place so calling them up isn’t that easy.   I have to be honest right?  I have to tell them about Max who has never been licensed and also Pablo our little stray dog we saved from the streets.  This will be more money and more penalties.  These sorts of things upset me.  I’m not sure why but they do.  I want them fixed immediately like as in yesterday.  My plan is to leave a note since I will not be here for when animal control returns, his hours apparently are the same work hours I have.  I’m just going to say, George has passed away and we have two new dogs, please advise on the next step and give us a reasonable timeline to complete what needs to be done and to find the right paperwork.  (this is where my lack of organization is a real problem)

Lastly I don’t stop there.  I begin to worry for no good reason about the crap on the side of our house that is in the driveway.  Our city issues tickets for that kind of stuff and things happen in three’s so my mind is thinking.  Next, a citation for leaving our old rug on the side of the driveway and my old rag top from the jeep too.  Sigh.   Also too heavy for me to drag away and do something with immediately.  So I’m going for a walk, I’m going to get the rest of my steps in and give it to God.  Cause I don’t need to worry about this right now.  I just needed to get it off my chest.  I would much rather feel like the dove in this picture.  FREEEEEEEEEEE!!  So my wise motorcycle man says, “don’t even worry about it, the citation is a “what if” the electrical notice is only 24 hours old and the other one, big deal they are coming back tomorrow, we are BUSY!!, come back all you want!”  I want his attitude.  And that’s why we are good for each other.

May I have one last concern.  In the past packages have been taken from my porch.  Pippi never arrived:( Another friend has told me of a package sent, and it’s not here yet either so I have this concern, are people stealing from my front porch again.  That just makes me sad.


9 thoughts on “the dove

  1. I didn’t really want to click the like button my lovely friend but I did. I think someone is stirring a big pot of anguish at the moment and we may just be right in the middle. I’m sorry these things that are happening, and hope they go away very soon. And I hope Pippi turns up. Men do have that weird coping mechanism don’t they. But he is right, don’t worry about the what if’s. The other things can wait too. Sending you lots and lots of positive thoughts and hugs from us Aussie girls xoxo

    1. I always feel good after reading your words of support. It has been a little crazy lately for the both of us. That always happens when we try and do good things for our minds and bodies…things come up. I suppose that’s why they call it life. It’s all good and today, today is better already.

  2. I hope the walk helped. I understand your line of thinking exactly, as I would be in the same thought pattern. I hope everything works out for the best. Hugs.

      1. That’s a great philosophy. My mantra is “It’ll all be fine in the end, if it’s not fine, it’s not the end.” It helps.

  3. Oh Trace we have the same immediate responses. Why do they seem to happen on Thursday or Friday lol or at 6pm. Nothing can be done and even in my not so strong body I would kill myself trying to move the heaviest of items an inch hehe. That’s one flaw I can’t seem to ditch, sometimes a flaw sometimes a blessing. The sense of urgency is so hard to subdue. My man tells me to calm down but I have to admit when those situations happen somehow my hearing is gone and I am in my own world. Oblivious to the “calm down, there’s nothing to be done now”. I need to learn to give more to God ♡♡

    I love your picture of the dove. This will be our 3rd year with our dove mommy and daddy, their nest nestled in the same spot. We all get so excited to see them raise babies in our sissoo tree and when the time comes onto the wall for flight lessons. Even Mike has a soft heart for them. I always think God knows and loves each bird and knows and loves us so much more.

    I miss you dearly♡♡

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