Music challenge Day 13 a song that reminds you of a former friend

I thankfully do not have too many former friends but have you found that sometimes you find a friend and have them for a season and they just sort of go away, disappear. Like completely. I had a friend that was from high school and ironically we were not friends in high school but when myspace was all the rage we connected again and we really liked each other. Her name was Juliette and she was as beautiful as her name. She didn’t have any children but she had a really cool dog named Romeo and was married to a very talented photographer. We had a lot in common and she would come over and share music with me and computer programs and teach me how to “decorate” my page with all the crazy html codes. She did hair for a living so she would even cut my hair and one time colored it a very artificial color and it was lovely. And we would go on walks together, play games, and swim. She had a lot of time to spend with us because she had no children of her own so she would just hang out with me and my kids. One day she called me up and asked if I wanted to take a burlesque class with her. Well I’m a big chicken and very self-conscious of my body so I said no. However she took the class and not only did she take the class she took it serious. She became Bunny Bravo. She made her own costumes and she danced and she was good at it and I will say she even became famous in that arena. I lost all contact with this beautiful soul. I can’t find her on facebook, and she is gone. But she left great memories with me and my children. I only wish for her the very best. And so I choose a burlesque song for her. Not just any song but this is really HER in the video and the song is mint julep thankfully I was able to search for her and found her on you tube but that’s it and it has been years since she last posted.

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