I did it!

I upgraded my site and now I can customize the colors, the fonts and I believe I have some more things to learn with this upgraded status.  Now I just need to find time to blog.  It’s been really busy lately. And when I say busy, I mostly mean, I’m busy having fun, so much so, it’s hard to sit still and write about it.  I justify this upgrade because recently I made extra money notarizing signatures.  I used a third of my earnings for two new trees in our front yard, a third of it for this and I have a third left.  I would like to share it in some capacity because it just feels right but I also would like a new pair of converse.  What to do? What to do?  I hope to post more this week too.  If time allows.  Until then, I leave you with an old photo I took a while back.  You know me and food.


13 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Yeah!!! Congratulations, it’s a bit selfish of me but i really wanted you to. I couldn’t imagine not getting to see all your beautiful pictures and reading all your funny, inspiring, and heartfelt words. ♥

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