Indoor plumbing included on this glamping trip!


I’m not sure best how to write about a really nice weekend I was a part of because this could become a small novel. It all began with something called glampling. My Aunt Lynn was so nice to invite me on one of her fancy glamping trips one year. I decided what the heck “why not?” I had heard such amazing stories and even though I’m a little shy, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and have a glamping weekend trip up our Northern Coast. And it was one of the best camping trips I have been on. Those ladies immediately gave me that long-lost friend feeling and I felt as if I fit right in. They had a very welcoming quality about them. Ever since that weekend a few summers ago, I have felt honored each time they invite me to do a little something. This weekend it was the mountains and we stayed in one of the gals,  daughter and son-n-laws actual home. They did a little swap for the weekend. How generous of her kids to let us use their home for the weekend. They had the most darling cabin too. It felt like a modern warm little sweet spot to relax in. Very inviting and most comfortable. And the tree, it’s on my list. I’m getting one of those trees that sat in the corner of the living room.

You see we are very lucky too because Rhonda is a caterer and this means all the food is always top-notch and feels special and a little fancy but not too fancy to where it’s uncomfortable or anything , just foods I don’t’ normally make on a regular and so it feels special and it always, always taste much better when it’s made by someone else with love. I don’t’ want to be too wordy in this post, I will share arm loads of pictures instead. Pictures tell a story and I’m pretty sure you will get the idea . I feel so thankful towards Rhonda for inviting me and her daughter and son-n-law for opening up their home to us. I think more people should be so kind. Kindness is contagious in only the best of ways.


We arrived to a gift and breakfast!  The gift was so thoughtful and filled with really good reminders.  When I got home Abbie and I went through it again and she wants to share with her friends too.


Breakfast and reading through scripture that was included in our gift.


Look at these darling, cheerful flowers left for us to enjoy.


Mamabear made these pretty marshmallow flowers.  Marshmallows are a weakness of mine.

Reading through found treasuresIMG_3791

Helping prepare lunchIMG_3811

Our yummy dinner of cheese, lots of cheese, breads and fruit…I could survive on that sort of foodIMG_3814

I found a few hearts in my goat cheese and learned it taste even better with honey and candied walnuts




Yes, it’s blurry on purpose, sometimes I like it that way but see how cute the home was?


Games were played


shenanigans were had

Lots of treasures were found

happy faces were in abundance

Breakfast coffee was enjoyed


We gathered on the stairs to try to capture most of us, Jeanie left early:(

We found free treasures on our walk even!!

I took lots more pictures and I even want to say so much more, we watched a movie, we listened to music, we walked, we shopped we ate and we connected and we enjoyed the peace and quiet and wonderful pine smell but like I said, if I go on and on, this post will be so very long.


4 thoughts on “Indoor plumbing included on this glamping trip!

  1. We did have fun, I’m so glad you and ” mama bear” came along- I just feel so blessed to be surrounded by all of you 🙂

  2. What a great weekend!! We have a camping trip scheduled for Memorial weekend, but it’s at a lake we don’t normally go to, and there is indoor plumbing… sort of. LOL. I’m so glad you went and what a wonderful time you had.

    And oh my goodness, do I need some of that goat cheese with candied walnuts and honey!!

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