Music challenge day 21 – favorite song

I can’t just pick one.  But I will.  This is my favorite song for this challenge because motorcycle man has been playing it on his guitar lately and I love to hear him strum it and I only wish I was a singer and I would sing with him while he played but I will never be a singer, I can’t stand to hear the sound of my singing voice but I can imagine the words while he plays and every so often he will sing while he plays.  It’s Pink Floyd and the song is “wish you were here”

I have not posted lately my regular kind of stuff because I have run out of space on the free web blog I use for Life in the Wylde West and I’m considering paying for my space now and I just have not had the time to really research it.  I have plenty to tell you about, a mountain retreat, trips to the moon, desert beauty and of course my health journey and quite honestly that health journey, trying to get all my steps every day and preparing and not giving up…..that takes a lot of my time.

3 thoughts on “Music challenge day 21 – favorite song

  1. love, love that song! and i sing it every time it comes on the classic rock station.

    i ran into the same problem about running out of space, thus my move to blogger. but blogger is VERY tempermental, so i sucked it up and paid for an upgrade over here on WP, and like it so much better.

  2. I love the look of your upgraded blog Miss Tracie. I love this song and played it so much when Chris and I first met. I so wish I could play the guitar and like you, I don’t sing for a reason. Haha.. Love that your man strums this tune. You should vimeo that! 🙂

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