The eight P’s

Four steps to achievement: Plan purposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently.

William Arthur Ward  [1921–1994],
American Author, Thought Leader

 I just stumbled upon this quote by William Arthur Ward and not much is written about him that I could find but he wrote some mighty great quotes. I may sprinkle a few of them in here or there.

So Preparation. I’m going strong on my preparation. Which A) Is not easy B) hard work. And I would like to pat myself on my back for keeping this up for so long. You see on Sunday I made more glo bars for my snacks, I made heart-shaped ice-cubs of lemon and cranberry to spruce up my water. Thank you Miss Moonspinner for the fabulous idea! I rinsed my produce, cut it all up and stuffed my salad jars. I made my smoothie baggies for mornings, this week it’s a smoothie called “morning glory” and I must say, it’s pretty glorious. It’s very simple, just frozen banana’s frozen strawberries, 1/3 cup orange juice, a 1/3 cup coconut water and a dash of vanilla, this recipe is also from the “Oh She Glows” cookbook


got super excited about this rainbow chard!


Even this weeks kale was gorgeous


My salad for the week.  I take Friday’s off to go to lunch with motorcycle man


The glo bar.  I forgot vanilla in this batch but it still tasted good.  Turned out I had left over pumpkin seeds (a tiny bit) I added more coconut to this batch, she doesn’t do the coconut but I like it.


My smoothie prep


The morning glory smoothie.  It makes me smile and I like it better than the one with kale…of course, it’s all fruit!

I have also been walking my butt off, I wish it were that literal but really since I got the fitbit I have walked 10,000 plus steps a day, minus the two days I was working longer hours and out doing some notarizing. I have burned my calorie goals, I have been drinking 84 oz plus of water a day and I added some very light arm weights, sit ups and leg exercises to the mix (the past 3 days) Each day I jump on the scale ( I know, I know the scale is evil but a necessary evil for me) I’m not losing and in fact the past few days I have gone up and don’t give me that crap muscle weighs more than fat, I have only been focusing on my muscles for three days. In my little vent session this morning out loud (bad mommy) the littlest and only girl comes up with some fantastic and very wise advice and her words filled me with encouragement. She says and I quote “It could take you a year mom! So don’t give up” So again. I’m here to say as difficult as it is and as frustrated as I get. I’m not giving up. I just thought I would be much smaller by now and much stronger too but the process is LONG AND HARD…VERY LONG, VERY HARD.

When I do my muscle training, legs and arms I look at the bulletin board above my computer blogging station.  It inspires me!


Off to WALK to the post office, it’s tax day and when one waits until the last day, well I think we all know what that means.

6 thoughts on “The eight P’s

  1. Just keep swimming! And wow, that kale was beautiful, but I’m a sucker for purple! 🙂 Being prepared is half of the battle, but let me just state: HOLY COW!! You are hitting the 10k mark! That’s awesome! I lost my pedometer but even on the day I just new I would hit it, I was coming in at 8k. And that was walking almost 3 miles! I’m so proud of you!!
    You may not be seeing the results yet, but you are making changes that are so good for you!

  2. Well lovely Tracie, that sound perfect in I’m positively proud and sending your powerful prayers so that you can progress and persist in your plans with this inspiring personal pursuit. Sorry, I had to PLAY. So proud of you lady. You will get there. You are being so very very good and have the best little cheerleader cheering you on. xoxo

  3. Perhaps you are eating too many carbs. You may need to go for a higher protein diet. I have O positive blood and it thrives on a high protein diet. You may have the same blood type. So the smoothies and bars you are making are great but in the beginning when you are trying to loose, you may want to cut those carbs. Just a thought.

    Linda “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”.

  4. It definitely gets hard some days, and then other days you feel like the queen of the world! I’d try playing around with what you’re eating each day too, like Linda suggested. When I first started losing weight, I was losing slowly here and there. Then I changed up my foods, turned up my protein, lowered my sugars (even natural ones in fruit) and boom, weight began falling off. Now if only I could force myself back on the healthy train!

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