walking on earth day….instead of sleeping


The night before earth day was a restless one for me.  I have not had a sleepless night in sometime so it’s not all that terrible.  On this restless night I decided to read a book.  I got up around 4 a.m. and read until 5:00.  It’s not so bad it was just an hour of reading in peace.  But all in all it was restless, tossing and turning, getting all itchy and stuff kind of night.  So needless to say, I was a little tired yesterday.  I took my littlest and only girl to our local Fresh and Easy to grab lunch for her and the soccer player.  As we were checking out I noticed their plants.  So I bought one in honor of earth day.  This month alone we have bought two trees and three house plants.  I blogged about earth day and wanted to just lay down and take a nap.  But then I convinced myself that walking in the sunshine would be better for my soul than even a nap.  So I reluctantly went.  Because it was earth day I didn’t want to walk the boring circle around the school so I drove to a park actually, and walked a pine filled trail.  Below are a few images. I didn’t take very many because I wanted to just walk.trailyellow flowersparkI felt air on my face

I smelt the pine

I smelt the eucalyptus

I even found confetti in a spot

I saw 5 rabbits

I saw 2 yellow and black butterflies

I enjoyed the tiny yellow flowers

There were even a few purple ones

I saw the prettiest blue bird, the color of my new shoes, like a periwinkle.

I’m glad I decided to walk instead of sleep.  I even picked the tiniest, sweetest bouquet of flowers for our little Pippi doll, she seemed rather happy with her gift.

pippiLater when motorcycle man got home we went shopping for some food.  Our cupboards were getting a little empty.  He is my partner when it comes to making good choices.  I thought green tea with honey sounded healthy, he actually read the label and it was really otherwise.  Lots of hidden sugar in that one! So I put it back.  I realized I had not all my steps in so I went for an evening walk.  Not quite as pretty but still so nice.

evening walk

I even found the tiniest heart.


I smelt Claudia doing her laundry.  I love the smell of her laundry.  I will say “Claudia, what detergent do you use? It’s the best smelling detergent I have every smelt!”  Anyway, I love when Claudia does her laundry, it’s beginning to be a smell of comfort to me.



4 thoughts on “walking on earth day….instead of sleeping

  1. I love the smell of laundry, I love that you took a different path, I love that even though you wanted a nap you got up and moved and most of all, I love your husband looking out for you at the grocery store! 🙂 Here’s some pep in your step, I’m sending you good energy for a restful nights sleep!

  2. I love the smell of doing laundry or freshly washed laundry on the line. Heaven! I’m very picky about my fabric softeners. Your walk looked beautiful and it really is nice to go somewhere different. So glad you chose your walk and it made you feel good. xoxo

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