Opposites attract so true and they work, they really do. How motorcycle man and I are different?

photo booth

He actually loves adventure. Me, I love the “idea” of adventure. I feel much safer on the ground and not going fast. I think he was built for speed.   I should have known on one of our first adventures as teens when he took me dirt bike riding, he said climb on. I held on for dear life! I have always trusted him with my life though, so much so I let him hold me over the side of Huntington Beach pier. He wanted to, so I let him.

rich motorI would say in our home, he is the neat one. Me not so much. He will say “maybe you could wash your coffee mugs out when you’re done, I mean I know the other day the coffee stain made you a cool heart but really, it’s easy to just rinse your mug out” I will say “I will try” and the next day he will pick up my mug and give me the look and I will say “opps, I forgot, I will try harder next time” He will say, “maybe we should simplify” “Let’s conquer this cupboard today” and me, my heart starts pounding fast. “I don’t want to get rid of that!” However sometimes he is very convincing and being a man of action he will just begin, then I join and often I feel so much better when we are done.

photophoto (10)He loves the beauty of the morning sun. He will wake before me and start the coffee. He turns on his news and has his ritual. While I stay in bed as long as I possibly can. Again on the rare occasions he can rouse me up, I have enjoyed the most peaceful mornings at his side. Sometimes on vacation he will ask me to rise early with him at least once, where we will walk in the quiet and watch the sun rise. I’m always glad I set my rest aside to see the wonders he sees.

marathon(he even got me up REAL early to do the L.A. Marathon 3x’s!)

I like things a bit wonky and off center and this in the beginning sort of caused some confusion. I would walk by and move a photo on the book stand at an angle and the next time I walked by it would be all straightened out. I like furniture most always at an angle and he likes things nice and symmetrical.

IMG_6664We meet each other half way.  I ride on his bike so we can go on photo adventures together.

la2shooting each otherI remember our first townhouse had a little gate that we had to go through to get to our patio and front door. I would often forget to latch the gate.” I remember he would say, “It’s not that hard to just latch the gate. It made me wonder how I could miss something so simple. I think it’s because my head is in the clouds so much of the time. I so admire his eye and hand for detail. I wish I automatically could be that way. He likes to say “but it’s common sense” I will say, “no, it’s your common sense not mine”

oppositesI love how he can pick up his guitar and just play music by ear and he makes it looks so simple the music thing. While I can’t even sing or hold any kind of tune. We will be listening to music and he will say “you have this air guitar solo” and I will say “um, I don’t even know how to play the guitar by air!” When I try he laughs because it’s usually so very wrong. Then I laugh too. It gets us into a nice chuckle.

IMG_4086He likes to be funny in the morning. He will dance and do such silly things. While me I just stare at him without even cracking a smile, it’s more like I’m so tired I don’t seem to actually notice his antics. Then he will say “Okay I’ll stop now, feeling a little ridiculous” it’s at that point I will bust out in laughter.

beard richI see this post is getting so long but my point is. We are opposites in nearly every single way and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He makes my life so much more fun than I would have it, if it were just me. He is the adventure, he is the music, he is the fun, he has good practical sense and he is a good speller, he is keen on detail and likes things clean, and he is so handsome too and his butt, it’s rock hard (hee hee like the statue of David) He gives me such good love and attention. I feel so well taken care of when I’m with him. He is my balance. I’m thankful for motorcycle man. He is the perfect match for me. I wonder how I made out so well.   I never want to take him for granted. I want to grow old with him. I have plans, like dinner in the blue hair hour, and long walks around the pond.

I love how we have three pictures in front of Mama’s front window on her love seat(s)

mama's front window


9 thoughts on “Opposites attract so true and they work, they really do. How motorcycle man and I are different?

  1. You two are just the sweetest things! And oh my gosh, but I love your cheekbones! I’ve been meaning to tell you that I just stare at them (but not in an uber-creepy kinda way) (okay, may just a slightly creepy kinda way) each time you have a face shot! But anyway… great post, I love that you’ve found your other half and you two compliment each other!

    1. Wow, Kate. I have never once thought about my cheekbones. I always in fact think my face is so tiny that it doesn’t match for sure my current body but that’s not being very nice to myself. I should think more like you. I would feel pretty good about myself that way. Thank you for the compliments.

    1. It does seem to get stronger each year and I’m fortunate we have grown together and not apart. I know that can happen and especially when people marry young like we did. We were just kids when we married.

  2. I can’t believe you mentioned his butt on here. My man would be mortified! Haha. This is so great and as usual with us I can relate in many areas. You sound so great together. My hubby is a perfectionist and a neat freak. Me, I’m a little on the lazy ‘oh that can be done later’ side. 🙂 Love this post Miss Tracie.

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