My Writing Process (a blog tour)

I was invited by a blogger Shannon who truly inspires me with her creative doodles filled with wise words of inspiration. Her blog is Doodles Invigorate and you will not believe that nearly each time I see a post by her I will say “that’s exactly what I need to “hear” today” Her doodles are not complicated, they are straight to the point and are easy to relate to. My favorite part about Shannon is that we are sisters in our faith. It’s like an instant connection and it just feels perfectly right. So thank you so much Shannon for the invite, it’s an honor and a privilege.

I was so excited when Caitlin The Siren’s Tale accepted my invitation to write about her writing process.  I love a blog that can make me laugh, make me cry and also be very thought-provoking and that’s exactly what her blog is for me.  When she shares her heart I often wish I could just reach into the screen and give her a hug.  She is completely genuine and someone I would choose as a friend. Plus she gives really great advice and it’s not just willy nilly, there is real research behind it.

What am I working on as a writer? This sort of makes me giggle because I’m not working on anything at the moment. I mean I write in my personal journals in the middle of the night, I think of things to write about while I’m dreaming or driving to work. Or a little something I may see will get me thinking, “hum, I think I want to write about that today.” I have no plans ever. It’s always just what pops in to my head on any given day.


How does my work differ from others of its genre? The only way that I differ mostly is that I’m created as an individual and there is nobody else exactly like me, just like there is nobody else exactly like you. So I come from the point of view of me. My life, lessons I have learned, things I’m trying, my family experiences and although they could be similar to yours or you may be able to relate, it’s specific to my life and it’s circumstances and my characters like, Motorcycle Man, The Artist soon to be the Baker, the Soccer Player and the Littlest and Only Girl which I’m quite excited to say, is unique to me, just as your life is unique to you. It’s the beauty of our planet. All created with our own look, our own voice, our own way of thinking. It’s magical if you don’t mind me saying.

IMG_5862Why do I write what I do? I write because it’s therapy to me. I’m not a big talker in the real world, I’m more of a listener or take it all in sort of gal. I will think I’m fully vested in a conversation or gathering by just listening closely, taking in body language, being delighted by different laughs, different accents and personal style. What I love most about meeting new people and taking it all in is the ability to almost always walk away with something new learned. Something exciting to try that I never have tried before. Being around people is like being at school, its one big classroom of learning new things. My favorite is when I’m introduced to new music or new recipes. Then I will go home and write about what I have learned after trying it of course.


How does my writing process look? I’m not even sure how to answer this? I’m just but a small guppy in a large ocean of talent. There was one time all I wanted was 100 followers. I even offered a Mad Men make over if I accomplished that 100 following. (Still to come promise) but the more I think about it, I wonder why collecting readers is such a big deal. It’s that whole compare thing. Like wow “so and so has thousands of readers!” “I must be boring because I’m under 200” But the more I think about it the more I realize. The people who read my blog most are the people I personally know, people who I care about and who care about me and that’s pretty awesome and it’s all I need. Besides a wise friend once said “some people are just destined for greatness” and sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. Just remember the grass on your side of the fence is perfectly fine, something about watering your own grass.

IMG_4520Tell me about your writing process? Do you have any tips for me? And here are some of my favorite blogs to visit (daily when possible and in no particular order)

My Corner Through My Lens

Meg on Tap

Life on a Canadian Island

Basildon Kitchens


Little Steps

Fearlessness fueled by goodness

Cross Roads

Did that Just Happen

The Siren’s Tale

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A Life Developing

15 thoughts on “My Writing Process (a blog tour)

  1. Oh I loved reading this. Love reading your answers. I so wish we could sit and talk over a glass of wine, or a cup of tea. We will, someday! And thanks for including my blog here. xoxo

  2. You know what I love Cathy! I was reading about your writing process as you were reading mine! I’m pretty sure of it. I just left you a comment and came back to see you had just left one for me. Oh, we will meet, we are on the same coast, it’s so possible. I can’t wait!

  3. all that really matters is that you are happy with where you are right now in this very moment. if you can answer, “yes, i am happy right now” then your day is made. : )

  4. tracie, you have such a beautiful heart and i loved reading every word here. i felt almost as if i were sitting right there with you, having a little chat.
    love the bit about the grass on your (my) side of the fence being just fine. so very wise.

    {and thanks for linking to my blog. you always bring a smile to my face}

  5. I love posts like these because it gives me insight to your life and fills me with such joy! Loved the pictures, too, I think you are so talented with that camera and love the view you share! Thanks for including me in your list, I feel an “I’m not worthy” moment coming on! 🙂

  6. Who cares about numbers? So much more important how much you care about your readers, wanting to make a difference in maybe just one persons life with each entry. I for one am inspired 🙂

  7. Oh thanks for including me! I was just about to comment (before I even noticed my blog’s name) that I can relate to what you said about not being a talker etc… Like you, I’m more of a listener than a talker. As for the numbers, it’s never been a number game for me either. I like blogging. For me, blogging is my “me time”, away from little T, the dog (though as I type this, he is whinnying under the kitchen table), the cat, and even my husband 🙂

  8. This is so great. I am in the midst of cleaning out so many emails and I saw this. I remembered seeing it at the time but wasn’t sure if I commented. You know I love you and your wonderful inspirational and heartfelt blog. You always share the most amazing stories, right from the heart and the are accompanied by the most wonderful photos that speak 1000 words too. Anyway, just wanted to drop by and give a big thumbs up to your work. xo

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