Over the moon for my new moon dessert plates


Who loves Anthropologie? I do! I do!! However that being said, I shop there on an average of once a year and when I say shop, I really mean window shop. If I had a nice pocket of money I would decorate my entire house in their home furnishing section and I would lounge around on my super awesome sofa in my gorgeous Anthro clothes. But since I don’t happen to have lots and lots of extra money, I just walk through the store day dreaming. However, yesterday I actually bought something!! I just happened to be make my once a year visit on a sale day. My favorite part of the whole store is the back little cubby filled with clearance items. I spotted the most adorable alphabet dessert plates. They had an Aa for anchor, an Ss for Star and so on and so forth but the one I most fell in love with was Mm for Moon!! They were normally $8.00 a piece, then they were on sale for 4.95 a piece but then they took 20% off that and I walked away with 6 dessert plates (all moons of course) for $20.00 and change. Had there been Rr’s with the darling rain boots, or Uu’s with unicorns I may have picked more of a variety but because they were in the clearance section, the whole lot was not available to purchase. Being I’m a moon person and all I figured they were very appropriate for moon tea parties! I couldn’t resist. Just look at how darling they are!!



11 thoughts on “Over the moon for my new moon dessert plates

    1. You know what I really do with them Kate? I eat my dinner off them. We have been eating of much smaller plates for years now. It seems silly but I think I eat less that way. Even motorcycle man eats his food off tiny plates.

      1. LOL. I have my dinner plates (my great-grandmother’s everyday china) and then I have some smaller plastic plates – and T and I eat off of the smaller plates for the same reason!
        I’m also learning how to load in veggies! It is amazing how overflowing the plate is with a little bitty piece of turkey or chicken, but a huge salad and steamed veggies!

  1. Okay so…. I didn’t know what Anthropologie was so I have now googled it. Wow, what a gorgeous shop. These plates are so darn cute. Love them. You crazy moonchild you. 🙂

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