It’s May Day!! You know how I know?


Every May 1st for the past SEVERAL years my Aunt and Cousin have been dropping off little bouquets of May flowers on our door step for me and the Littlest Girl.  CLICK HERE to see a small history of flowers, I sadly don’t have pictures of every bundle because my old computer sits unplugged on the floor with most likely lots of really nice pictures stored.

This year they came in two tiny white tea cups, or maybe more like espresso cups to be more specific.  I had completely forgot what day it was today. I slept not so great last night and was up around 12:30, 1:00, then watched some Datelines until just after 2:00, tossed and turned a little more.  The last time I looked at the clock it was 3:00 and I said to myself “I should get at least over three straight hours before I need to get out of bed” But during all of that I never once remembered what day it was to open my front door.  I even let Pablo out the back door last night instead of the front.


IMG_4457Motorcycle Man even tried to give me a sign when he crawled back into bed declaring MAY DAY, MAY DAY!!!  Max!  is trying to give us May-day signals.  It still didn’t click, I just thought Max and Motorcycle man were being silly.  As I explained to Rich my sleepless night he said, “You didn’t happen to catch Aunt Lynn and Stace  while you were up last night did you?”  Then it CLICKED.  I smiled and ran to the front door.



8 thoughts on “It’s May Day!! You know how I know?

  1. what a happy little way to celebrate May! I used to leave little May Day baskets with my friend to all the nice ladies in our neighborhood, but had completely forgotten about it till I read this. : )

  2. So cute and sweet of them……..LUCKY YOU👣

    “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”.

  3. I was so feeling left out!
    Then after my walk on the beach came home and found mine!
    Moon people are amazing!

  4. I remember your previous gifts. This is such a sweet tradition you have and glad you woke from an uneasy night to such a lovely surprise this morning. I see they have been given a special home on your moon plates. 🙂

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