That was Easy!


Do you ever wonder why our days are not just a tad bit longer? Why we can’t have just a little more time each day to do all the things we wish to do? Do you sit at work and daydream about what you wish you could be doing? I do. I want to be satisfied with the hours God gives me each day but I also would like to make sure I live my hours’ worth while. Today for instance I have a list swirling in my head.


Buy a card for a stranger with cancer

Spend some quality time in the word, having conversations with God

Pay my GAP bill

Walk 10,000 steps

Use my Lowes gift card to buy vegetables for my garden

Get a new pair of jeans because like every lovely curvy woman my inner thigh is so thin you can see my skin!!

Read F-451 at least five pages…at least

Buy sidewalk chalk (I have an idea for my walking path)

Skim the pages of my new subscriptions that have arrived this week, CLICK!!

Cook a delicious dinner for my family

Do the dishes (kids can help)

Remodel my bedroom (hee hee just kidding…no not really)

Buy canvas because my amazing sister Sarah gave me paints and paint brushes to play with because she believes in me.

Vacuum up all the hair that Max and the kitties have left all over the hardwood floor

Maybe dust a little

Hug the kids

Take a picture with all three my kids if I can ever find them all in one spot at one time

Sit next to motorcycle man as we watch Survivor tonight because come to think of it, I wasn’t home for it last night!

Drink some Matcha Tea

Make my bed

Oh and have a glass of wine

Hope that the holly hocks have bloomed so I can take a picture

Transfer the garden tour pictures to mama bear’s flash drive

Return her rock salt too.

Buy the stuff to make homemade toothpaste

Believe me when I say, this is NOT ALL.  There is more but I need to stop. And all of this is in-between and intermixed with picking up children, running to the store for a gallon of milk and any unknowns that pop up when you have children.

And often I will leave work feeling completely overwhelmed at the list I have created in my head. And instead will go home and do nearly nothing at all.  This is a similar daily scenario.  There are days I have the super ability to do nearly all of it and then there are the days I just can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other.  The beauty of all of this is, I know I’m not alone.  I know I’m in very good company in fact.  I think slowing down may be a good idea.  But then again I’m not sure it’s possible for my mind to not have so many ideas at once.

5 thoughts on “That was Easy!

  1. Mr. T asked me to take him to school this morning (now, I’ve done this for the last 2 weeks as he had tutoring to attend and I’m so totally over it!) and I looked at him and held up a sheet of paper… every line was filled and told him “This is what I have to accomplish today”

    Sigh, I took him to school.

    Homemade toothpaste? That hasn’t popped up on my Pinterest page yet… and I’m really glad it hasn’t! LOL

  2. You are sooooo cute. How adorable is that photo. 🙂 I have a million things in my head to do and quite honestly, I’m scared to write them down. The entire world doesn’t have enough paper for that. So yes lady… you are sooooo not alone in this. I am at work right now and my head is in an entirely different place. Love this post.

  3. Fantastic List you have here! Hug the kids, always good. Wine- yes. And so many others I could nod my head “yes” too. Glad to “meet” you!!

  4. Mama Bear thanks you for checking me off the list and leaving the flash with garden tour pic on it on the front porch yesterday. Sorry, I forgot to take the rock salt with me the other day. Love you———

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