The most ordinary, extraordinary days

4623923733_6dc507bc65_bSometimes I like to revisit the past. I love looking back; it leaves me with warm feelings. If fills me with love. It reminds me that life is really good. I’m not claiming life is perfect and always filled with happy days. There are bad days, there are sad days and all in-between but with these photo’s I pulled out of the archives I was reminded that sometimes my most favorite photos can be blurry and imperfect. I was getting slightly down but trying to tell myself it was no big deal that I had requested to be part of a photo site called crate and in this site I think my photos could be sold. So many of my talented photo friends were accepted to this site. I sent my request nearly two weeks ago now.   I have not heard if I have been declined or accepted but I’m leaning towards the decline. I’m trying to be okay with it. The whole compare thing starts eating away at me. Especially as I see all my friends being accepted. I try to tell myself, it is what it is and also that whatever happens is meant to be. I take pictures of things yes. And food for sure. But the pictures I love the most, the very most are the real live moments in my life. Blurry, imperfect, happy and sad. I document my life as much as I can. Why? Just because so like on days like today, I can look back and say life is BEAUTIFUL. Life is good and in the ordinary I find such extraordinary and I already feel so much better. Please if you have just a tiny bit of time, I share two dozen pictures I dug up of these ordinary, extraordinary, blurry, happy and some sad days to share with anyone who wants to take a gander.

4183279004_185a5552f2_bThe day we played in the rain & mama bear decided to join4328175580_e18539b689_bafter school…homework and chores4487789036_72dee87ee6_bNeighborhood play and boys!  4526755062_c883292d40_bMom’s that stop by to play games on the kitchen floor4562546028_7b3451c625_bHomework on the roof4598863218_a2dec58e0a_bgames at the laundry mat  because the washer at home broke4796593648_c4783521fb_bSummer evenings in the backyard4841635804_2f1a71bec1_bdinner at the table, just us two5473047892_48cda657cd_bJumping on beds in fancy hotel rooms5601364094_2c99a0bddf_bmeloncoly days, when someone you love lay dying5687385265_e12861dc52_bsomeone you love lay dying5701292387_7335a1cebd_blaughter with my mama6028814623_8707ae997d_bblood being drawn and boys who pass out6290044432_00501c1d65_bJust sitting on the roof hanging out….boys!6322297033_f57e4fdc43_bDinner at the table with family who just so happens to live right next door6375056171_0cb5876847_bmoments of purposeful  serious weirdness6516244537_700a03d48c_zsurgery and brave little men6795728448_b0cc4c073d_bMore homework on shiny tables and hurt fingers7557219964_389997c36c_bhair cuts in the middle of the kitchen 7700745236_81720f1dd7_bjumping in with your clothes on a not so happy day7877277062_1dec1450f5_bdinner at the table with family, the ones we happen to work with8057712059_045bb7a578_bsore legs and pimples in your 40’s8156042157_7537cf9944_bfriends in your kitchen & husbands who think to photograph it8435768477_bd7b103044_bLittlest and only girl, growing up doing her own hair


7 thoughts on “The most ordinary, extraordinary days

  1. Dearest Tracie, I think you, your world, and your sacred perspective of it are the truest expressions of love and gratitude possible. I love how you honor the life you’ve been given — every moment — every ebb and flow of it. I’m sorry that I have been absent, that this year for the first time in the three that I have known you, I missed your birthday. Know that I’m carrying you in my heart, wishing you all good things for this new year of experiences! Oh, and about Crated . . . clearly there has been a mix-up. Check your spam folder, and if you don’t find anything, re-register. I’m certain that there have been crossed lines of communication somewhere. Much, much love, andrea.

  2. I’ve always found that in-between time to be the hardest on me. Not having heard one way or the other is such a challenge and I’m so glad that you accepted the gauntlet and think that you rocked this post! I loved the pictures, as much as I’ve loved all of your pictures! I agree that you should re-apply to Crate – but I am struggling with comparing myself to others, so you know that I don’t have any magic words for that – just know that I’m keeping you in my prayers!

  3. All beautiful pictures; my favorites are 2 of Abbie, one with the hurt finger & the last pic; they are the kind of pics I could just stare at for a while. I recently had that feeling of rejection ( garden tour) but The Lord showed me how it was all for the best; and really, as long as our loved ones don’t reject us, who cares what strangers think – it’s their loss 🙂

  4. There are endless beautiful moments here 🙂 Like you, I enjoy the blurry amazing moments of life, and I enjoy capturing them. You have such a talent for catching moments – not staged, not perfect, but real, beautiful, and raw. I hope you do get accepted into crate… your talent deserves to be shared with the world!

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