mother’s day and the V word!!

IMG_4817(Our inspiration, a book that was given to me as a gift)

The V word seems a little strong but it’s what we were accused of. It was Mother’s Day yesterday and I thought “wouldn’t it be nice to do some inspirational writing in chalk around the school with my girl?” And “wouldn’t it be so nice for the children to see such positive messages as they walk to school tomorrow?” I mean “instead of the pictures of private parts with bad words?” And of course my littlest and only girl thought it was a fantastic idea. We headed out with our bucket of chalk. I had purchased it in large quantity with this project in mind. I had my book of inspiration in the hands of little one; she would flip the pages and pick a quote. Then she added, “Mama, let’s put a heart on each saying, like our trade mark”

IMG_4811We made it about one-quarter of the way around the school and as we were in the middle of writing BE YOUR(self) “(A) began yelling at us from her backyard. She was YELLING “I SEE WHAT YOUR DOING!!! YOU’RE VANDALIZING THE SCHOOL AND IF YOU DON’T LEAVE I’M GUNNA CALL THE COPS!!!”

IMG_4803I know “(A) (sort of) so I shout back, “(A)! It’s me your neighbor, we are writing inspirational messages for the children to see, we aren’t doing anything bad” SHE YELLS, “GET OUT OF HERE OR I’M CALLING THE COPS!!”

IMG_4806So although I have a little tiny rebel in me, I by far respect the older folks so I begin to walk away. I realize as I turn back to look she has come out of her house and is walking towards the sidewalk, I meet her in the middle of the street and say “(A) go see they are good words for the children to see as the walk to school” She wasn’t hearing it, she was still yelling in fact even though we were nearly face to face, “HOW DO YOU KNOW THE CHILDREN WILL SEE IT??” “well because this is how they walk to school” She just keeps YELLING, “THIS IS VANDALISM AND IF YOU DON’T STOP, I’M CALLING THE COPS, NOW SOMEONE WILL HAVE TO COME OUT AND WASH IT OFF” and I reply “(A) it’s just chalk, the school sprinklers will wash it away….or a rainy day” (that part is slightly far fetched considering we are in a middle of a drought) But there is such a thing as spring showers.

IMG_4807As we are in the middle of our discussion or should I say sort of heated discussion on her end, a man walks the path with his beautiful German Shepherd and she pulls him into the conversation, she says to the man “What do you think about all this” The man, in his late 50’s replies “I think it’s okay, it’s just chalk” IMG_4810And please realize in the meantime, Abbie has stepped far behind me because she is actually afraid. I end by saying “(A) I’m going to stop because I respect you” in which she replies still loudly “YOU BETTER JUST KNOCK THIS S*%T OFF”

IMG_4813Oh boy. Abbie was a mess and to be honest I was taken aback. Then I was thinking, what if I do get in big trouble?? I looked it up and it seems pretty harmless what we did. I would never write on public walls or buildings in chalk, it was just the sidewalk, I mean after all it’s called sidewalk chalk. I happen to know lots of children who go hog-wild with the stuff…I have not heard of them getting arrested. And you can’t even see it unless you are right on top of it walking.

IMG_4804But anyways, I know she was just protecting the neighborhood. I just didn’t like how she approached it. She has a temper that’s for certain. It just seemed strange to me because it was in broad daylight; it was a mom and her young daughter. So why would you YELL and THREATEN like that in front of a child? So what’s worse, the words of chalk inspiration for the children to see, or a hot-tempered older woman, threatening to call the cops on a mom and her newly 12-year-old daughter, and using a little foul language to boot in front of the young girl?

IMG_4812I’m not sure the lesson in this quite yet. I’m not sure if it’s over. I’m not sure what Abbie will take from it? I was half tempted to go back out after dark and finish my project but then Abbie asked me not to because she was afraid I would get arrested. So I didn’t but the rebel in me wanted to just go and finish up the good works. I would say, that was the high lite of my Mother’s Day….if you want to call it that. A day we will always remember, that’s for sure.


17 thoughts on “mother’s day and the V word!!

  1. Wow. This is powerful. I cannot believe this (A) person was so annoyed. Couldn’t she see that you were trying to do some good in the world? I think it will be really interesting to follow your daughter’s thoughts an feelings about this as time goes by.

    1. Did you see your message Shannon? You were also part of my inspiration of positive messages. You give us positive messages almost daily and I appreciate them so very much. I suppose your not marking up the sidewalks but well, I’m gunna have some lovers and I’m gunna have some haters, that’s how the world works.

      1. YES! I saw go the distance! 🙂 This post reminded me of a time when I would leave little post-it’s around wherever I went with a positive message and the blog website. I wasn’t sure if it was vandalizing or considered littering. I used be be nervous of having an encounter like the one you had. I did have someone message me on FB asking why I left a sticker on their mail box, but she was nice and just curious. Ignore the haters! 😀

  2. What????? You should have told her to go ahead and call, like they have nothing better to do! Ughhhh You are an awesome mom and a great example to your daughter. This world is upside down, it’s like opposite day everyday, what was once good is now bad, what was once bad is now good. ): Well even if you didn’t finish, guess what???? I loved that I got to read all your inspirational quotes AND I WAS INSPIRED!!! You girls can come write on my sidewalk anytime!!!!! And as for (A), well, poor (A) a loveless life. ):

    1. I love people like you. I had to edit the comment a litte since it dawned on me that people who actually work at the school and live around me know the same neighbor. I shouldn’t have ever used her name in the first place. Sometimes I don’t think it all the way out. But I still wanted to get the story out. It was good writing material any way. Right after it happened I thought, hum, I have something to blog about.

  3. Oh wow, talk about ridiculousness! At my last apartment, we had neighbors like that who would threaten to call the police over EVERYTHING (including my building a small herb garden in a ‘shared’ piece of the yard). It’s unfortunate when people have so much negativity in their souls/hearts and they spew it out onto others, who are simply trying to spread the good word and some cheer.

    Just think of all the kids walking to school, feeling inspired by your messages 🙂 That outweighs (A’s) crazy actions any day!

    1. The whole thing that was meant to be happy made me a little sad when we had our run in. The good thing is my daughter saw that I held it really together even while being yelled out pretty loudly and by what seemed in her eyes a mean lady. To hear Abbie re-tell the story is kind of funny now. She even told me she was proud of me for not losing my temper with the lady. I just told Abbie whenever we see (A) we need to still be nice, wave hello and things like that.

  4. What a …. Never mind… If someone drew those lovely drawings and words on our side-walk I’d be so thrilled and it would certainly put a smile on my face. Some people need to lighten up even just a little bit. Hope this incident didn’t ruin your Mother’s Day. x

    1. It’s just silly Dean the entire thing. However today I was pretty happy when I saw a dad and his two girls stopping to read the messages with what looked to me smiles on their faces. I think a bigger percentage will appreciate it while a small majority will think it’s the V word and absolutely terrible.

      1. According to the Oxford dictionary, the V word is: “Action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property” You and your daughter did nothing like that, especially since you used chalk which can easily be erased like you mentioned. No destruction or damage to property occurred. Therefore no V word happened either…. And I’m sure the dad and the two girls were not the only ones who had smiles on their faces when they saw the lovely drawings 🙂

  5. Um…. Okay. Seems like this is an example of the world being upside down and backwards. Thankfully we have people like you and Abby to offset some of the sad and craziness with Joy. Your such a great mama T and I love the sweet positive messages you wrote. I assume you didn’t rinse them off so perhaps the kids did see some of your beautiful work this morning?

  6. I just really can’t believe this. Such beautiful and positive messages. What was she thinking. I’d be tempted to leave a message on her sidewalk. (sorry thinking out loud). Did this (A) actually take the time to read any or just yell from the middle of the street. Hopefully she went back when you weren’t looking and read them and then felt a little ashamed of her actions. Love you guys. xo

  7. There is some seriously unhappy woman, yelling and cussing, raising a fuss over sidewalk chalk.
    I often try to remember I don’t know what other people are going through when they are acting so irrational, rude, mean, etc… but SHEESH lady. That was really bad.
    You did the best by not engaging with her anymore and listening to your child.
    I love the messages you left for the kids, just beautiful!

  8. Okay, I’m behind, but saw this on FB and had to come find the story! When things like that happen, I always feel so funny in my tummy – I know I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but being attached like that is so harsh – and it leaves me feeling just awful! I know you did the right thing and you were very respectful of (A), and it sounds like there have been other issues and she’s just a bit sensitive right now. I think that the respect you showed her will have an impact – even if you don’t see it right away! ❤

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