Gladly Over It

IMG_5043Last week felt busy. I suppose busy in a good way.   Two of our evenings included a bike ride to the local shopping center and a nice walk around our small city. In the middle of the week a friend took me to dinner and dessert for a belated birthday gift, the food was good but my favorite part is always catching up, I had a trip to the moon, a mom’s night out and my 2nd official graduation photo session. My first “official session” was some years ago, my sister-n-law was graduating from high school and we went to one of my favorite parks in Fullerton and years later we went to the very same park where Ryleigh climbed the same exact tree for her picture that my sister-n-law climbed. Both equally independent and original girls who most definitely think outside the box. My favorite kind you know! I wish I had the pictures to share of my sister-n-law but I have no idea where they are?

IMG_5011bI photographed my sister-n-laws on black and white film, no changing from color to black and white, no shooting off several shots to get the “right” one. I did take a third graduation session but it’s hard to count the one. It was with my oldest son last year. It was in our backyard and he only let me take a few shots and he was over it.

IMG_4992bI don’t really plan on making this a habit or anything. I just love the fact that I can do this for the people I love and that there are no major feelings of pressure because I’m doing out of love and no expectations attached. Jeanie had most the creative ideas and thank goodness for that because my pictures would have been just that, pictures of the beautiful girl and no real props or anything. I love the ideas Jeanie came up with, it made it all the more special but it was easy taking pictures of Ryleigh because she is such a naturally beautiful girl, her eyes are the prettiest color and she stayed completely authentic. She made it easy and we giggled a lot and we walked up and down lots of steps and she went up and down like she was walking on air but me and her mama, we got a work out, my heart rate went up and my breathing got heavy! Ryleigh was light on her feet and pretty willing to do all the things her mama and I wanted her to do. I could have kept going on and on and on but it began to get dark. Our days last week were extra hot so we started the session at 7:00 p.m. I’m thankful that Jeanie got me an iced tea from Sonic who has the best ice on the planet. Plus she gave me the sweetest thank you note, with a nice smelling sachet for my dresser drawer and money! The money was folded in the shape of a heart, how thoughtful is that?? I didn’t like the idea of taking money but I hadn’t realized there was money in the thank you note until we drove our separate ways. And yes, already spent! Part of it on bread and butter, literally. Yummy garlic herb butter and two fresh French loaves!! And the rest got panned out to the children if you know what I mean? If you’re a mom, you know what I mean!!



6 thoughts on “Gladly Over It

  1. Thank you again for sharing your talent with us. I had a great time and I’m very happy of the pics we got. I remember Sarah’s photos as well. Love you!

  2. What great pictures! I think that you and motorcycle man need to start saving up for a trip to Texas in two years when Mr. T graduates! 🙂 Lovely post, I love when we get to use our passion to help others, and you have such a beautiful heart! Have a great day!

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