what matters to you? or maybe I could say…the things that count


Sometimes I think things just look better out of focus and I see upside down and side ways fiery hearts when things get a little fuzzy.  This is my view on many spring and summer evenings.  I feel blessed. IMG_5060

Sometimes it’s just nice to kick your feet up with the person you love and look at the view together, listen to the birds and the kids splashing in the little blow up pool you just put up in your backyard cause you just had a heat wave in the middle of spring.  And some things look nice in black and white.

Sometimes it’s fun to take zillions of picture of your kid jumping into the blow up pool you just put up because of the heat wave.  Over and over and over again and each time it’s “Let me see, let me see what it looks like….oh, yeah, that’s cool, I like that one!”IMG_5127

Sometimes when your cleaning and just after you watered the tiny little succulent you planted from a clipping off a bigger succulent, you clearly get distracted by the beauty in that tiny little plant with water droplets that you absolutely MUST pick up your camera to document it. IMG_5130

Or when you’re rinsing your black beans and you see a wonky heart and you cheat just a little and make into a better heart so that everyone will be able to tell it’s a real heart and not just a make-believe one in your head. IMG_5134

Or the smell of the cilantro as you chop it up for your quinoa salad in between cleaning your house.  Cleaning messes and making messes all at once.  IMG_5136

Sometimes you are just so thankful for the “old” and when I say old I mean friend you have known for a long time who calls you because she found some cameras that you might be interested in and when you go to their house she gives you 18 fresh, very fresh eggs just cause.  So you boil some of them to grab for healthy snacks and you really love how they are a variety of colors with texture and cracks in a steamy bowl and a picture for sure must be snapped. IMG_5141

And heck, the compost pile you are making as you are trying to clean the old yucky stuff out of your fridge and make room for new stuff and also trying to use some of the sort of old stuff for your quinoa salads. IMG_5143

The quinoa salads that you stuff into a jar because you have already proclaimed EVERYTHING looks better in jars, taste better in jars and can be seen better in jars than plastic containers that things go bad in because nobody likes to peek inside to see what’s there.


And not just sometimes BUT all the time you are filled with joy when you hear the neighborhood kids playing inside and outside your home, their laugher fills you up, feeds your soul and you are so thankful for the blessings you have watched grow before your very eyes. And you must document their growth because this time next week may be so very different you know.

and what about the awesome husband you call motorcycle man who makes really good barbecued things and helps you chop things and prepare food in the kitchen while music plays and you enjoy a beer and glass of wine together all while making some really yummy food to share.  IMG_5152

Yummy food like this and because it’s the weekend you also include the fresh french loaves you bought at a really neat cooking store with herbed garlic butter and the little potatoes and onions are from home delivery and seem to taste better because you know they are all organic and locally grown and stuff. IMG_5157and lastly, animals.  the dear cat who we named Garfunkel who likes to sit in this window by the gorgeous spring blooms and I can see the camper we had so many memories in that we are trying to sell and when it sells, I might be a little sad but I know it just means new different things will be in our future.  You know..things like that. The things that really count and the people who matter and this life I live as a blessing.  I’m thankful in so many ways, I just can’t stop being thankful.  I don’t have a big house with a master bedroom and double vanity, my closets are kind of small but I like it that way.  It’s so perfect to me, just exactly the way it is.


5 thoughts on “what matters to you? or maybe I could say…the things that count

  1. Sounds super duper to me. 😉 Seriously though. Everything about this sounds perfect and I would have done and enjoyed and photographed things is so much the same way it’s scary. Except the food. I’m too busy eating it to photograph it. I love your special things.

  2. Once again, I am drawn in by simply the title you chose. Then I am absolutely stuck reading every single word, and relishing the beauty and creativity of every photograph. And marveling in the way you see your world. A little jealous, then just happy and inspired. I need to pick up my camera more often. 🙂 And I need to slow down. For sure, to slow down.

  3. I love reading your blog. Today I am going to spend some time being thankful, just because.💜💜💜💜💜

  4. Great post. I too think everything looks better in jars! My fridge has about twenty in it right now and I am truly thankful. So much to be thankful for everyday. Thanks for the reminder.

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