when i grow up i want to be……….

When I grow up I want to be a photographer, this is what my littlest and only girl proclaimed as she grabbed my camera off my desk yesterday.  I had been trying to take pictures of the little red-headed bird for weeks.  I even set my camera by the kitchen window with the big lens so I wouldn’t have to be so close.  But do you know each time I heard the little guy out there and would pick up that camera, he would fly away.  She saw him in the front garden yesterday and grabbed my camera and while he also evaded her, she did take several pictures of the cat who would have gladly eaten that little red-headed bird.  In fact I think the photo below she took shows Garfunkel smelling his next possible meal after he had landed and flown away.

IMG_5165And while she was still in the front yard she spotted the little flower weeds that cover our lawn.  I have been wanting to photograph these little beauties for days and have not got to it.  But she did.  Not only did she, but she took it from an angle I would most likely have shot.  Which meant most definitely she got down real low.

IMG_5183And then she ventured off to the side of our house which is full of junk.  A mini junk yard of sorts, even the cute little yellow bug lives on the side of the house. She must have stood on the retainer wall and peeked over the fence for this one.  I love that it’s not the junk you see but the light and lines.   I was taken by the light she captured.  It’s my favorite kind.

IMG_5189She came running in to show me her pictures with the camera strap securely around her neck.  Only I was in the backyard watching those birds.  And I whispered to her, look up in those trees and on the wires, you see? and she quietly proclaimed “there’s the red one!”  She smiled and said “let me take the pictures mama” And of course she should.  Below is her favorite picture she got of that little red-headed bird we admire nearly every day.  He stands out.  He is the only one with a red-head out of all the 7 or so in the tree and on the wires yesterday. I call him a he cause I have always been taught the boys are the prettier creations.  So he must be a boy right? Although those sweet brown girls are pretty cute too. IMG_5195

I like this one two of the two “girl” birds on the wire.  I like how the one has it’s back-end to us.  I think it’s just pretty darling, their stance and how we can see her little legs all stretched out and their little bird feet clamping on.

IMG_5208And the other image I like it the one little bird all by its lonesome on the wire that is much higher and further away.


Sadly since this post, Simon and Garfunkel had their way with a bird this morning while I was at work.  😦  I was just hoping it’s not the mama bird of the new eggs we found.

photo (20)

Abbie also took this photo btw, with my iPhone and Dylan can be credited for the bird breakfast:(  See all the feathers.  Poor little bird had no chance between the two kitty cats who were just being kitties.

photo (21)



15 thoughts on “when i grow up i want to be……….

  1. It looks like she is well on her way to becoming a photographer. My kids sneak my camera on occasion and I find all sorts of interesting shots. I know the frustration of trying to get shots of a bird – I had my camera set and waiting most of last summer to try to catch a photo of one of our hummingbirds, but sadly, no luck..

    1. I’m giggling Heidi, cause I too have tried to capture the humming bird and I was only able to get hr when she sat in her nest. They are tricky quick little things. So nice to hear from you. I think I will go visit you today. I have been out of the loop lately.

  2. I think it’s awesome that she shares your love of photography – what a great thing to keep you two bonded in the years to come – especially as she enters teenage years! 🙂 Abbie has a great mom to encourage her to follow her dreams!

  3. It’s funny how creative talents are passed down in families… it definitely looks like your daughter has ‘the eye’ for photography 🙂 I love the captured images of the little birds (and cat’s whose curiosity gets the best of them!)

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