San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

IMG_0255This was a while ago now.  And the entire purpose of this trip, planned by Mr. Motorcycle man was so I could walk across my favorite bridge in all the world. It’s my favorite bridge because I don’t get out much.  I suppose in all the world there are pretty awesome bridges but in my world this is my favorite bridge.  It was on my dream list.  I don’t call mine a bucket list like some people do.  I call it a dream list.  Just sounds better to me.  So last night as we had a really wonderful anniversary dinner we reminisced about things we have done together, trips we have been on and in doing so it had me thinking of my dream list.  I have sort of abandoned it for a good long while.  I wrote the list, shared the list with Mr. motorcycle man and he made quite a few of the things on the list get crossed off.  Did I ever tell you, he is a man of action?  I’m the dreamer he is the doer.   He being my opposite helps my dreams become reality.  So we did it. I walked across my favorite bridge with my very best friend and companion.  He also said “give me your camera and do your face down thing you like to do”  And I did.  I have sort of neglected that face down stage too.  I will go crazy for an idea for a while until my next idea comes to light and I neglect the old idea. It’s the way I roll.  I’m thinking its a common trait among dreamers.

IMG_0165So what do you think we should do next? I have re-visited the dream list and here are some of our options:

Ride my bike to the beach (attempted once but got a flat tire)

Learn to paint

This one is funny (visit my sister in France) I waited so long she moved back to the U.S.

Hang  a sky chair in the house

Can Jelly

Make a cherry pie

I have more than this of course but I just picked a few randoms. In fact reading my list again has me wanting to add more to it. And as you can clearly see, my list is mostly compiled of very simple things but things I have yet to do.  Jumping out of an airplane will not be added to this list.




11 thoughts on “San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

  1. Well, I say make a cherry pie (only if you give me some) Can Jelly, (only if you give me some) Hang a sky chair, (because I’ve always wanted to sit in one) Geez! How did this turn into all about me? hahaha Just kidding! Paint!!!!!
    France, very funny.

  2. Great. Now I have Poison’s Cherry Pie song stuck in my head. 🙂 Stick with your list chickadee. It’s awesome and so great that MM is helping you achieve the things on it. PS. Jumping out of an airplane with not be on any list I make either… EVER!!!!

  3. I’ve jumped out of a plane! 😉 And, I had canning jam on my bucket list – and I just recently did it and it was amazing! I highly recommend taking an afternoon and canning your own jam. Strawberry was really easy and so yummy! And we did blackberry – and then my son and I made banana jam – which was different, but yummy. He loves bananas, and I found a recipe! So happy for you to cross the bridge and cross it off your dream list!

  4. Stopped by your blog today because The Siren’s Tale had so many nice things to say about you, I just had to impose. Loved your post and look forward to reading more.

    I would make a cherry pie say around July when they are in season. Making jelly would also be great, especially as strawberry season is nearly upon us. But I’m partial to those things, so I can’t say that this is an objective suggestion. Canning everything from jelly to pie filling to pickles to bread (yes, bread!) are my passion, but I think you would enjoy it. Very rewarding. ~ Tilly

  5. I love the sound of a “dream list” and I’m glad you were able to walk across that bridge. Your photos are awesome and for whats next on the list… I think you can do anything you put your mind too because you’re awesome too 🙂

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