The giver of lost and found gifts

a moment

My second to be born also known as the soccer player (which will be changing because he has decided to hang up his goalie gloves) I’m interested to see where this will lead him next?  Aside from him being second born to our family he is (whisper) the middle child.  I still need to read a birth order book but he is quite unique compared to the oldest and youngest.  He is the only lefty in our immediate family and was born with this crazy discipline gene.  He also brings me gifts.  He doesn’t like to spend money, he is a saver but he is always on the lookout for a deal and if it’s free even better.


He is forever messing around in one way or another

Below are my top three favorite gifts he has found on his travels from school to home.  The first was a chair.  Yes, he brought me home a chair.  I LOVE IT!  I’m a collector of many things, and I have a weakness for chairs.  So we painted the chair from its oak color to a turquoise and it moves around the house and even has made it into the garden.

IMG_7647He once came home with a complete MAC make up brush kit!  He found it in the middle of the street!  What?  Seriously?  Poor person who lost the kit which literally is worth hundreds of dollars.  He was so proud with this gift, I think he was secretly hoping I may actually start to wear a little more make up and use these amazing brushes.  I kept it for a while but never once used a brush so I decided to give it to my little sister who actually knows how to use these things, I approved the transaction through him first.  He was glad to see it go to someone who would get some good use out of them.  She washed them all up nice, air-dried them and uses them daily now.

IMG_9798The most recent gift and most unusual gift was presented to me last week. He found a dead bird on the way home from school and thought it was a very pretty bird, he wanted me to see it!  So he brought it home. I’m thinking this is just normal boy stuff. I did ask if he washed his hands after carrying home a dead bird and he said he carried it in his sweatshirt pocket and yes he did wash his hands. Maybe the soccer player is part cat?


I figure I will also include some pictures of the unique child.  The one who I can rarely get a “real” picture out of.  I love it though, it’s just who he is.  It’s strange too because when he was a baby I have a good handful of images of him screaming his head off.  He was always ticked off when he was a baby and didn’t like to go with the flow and all of this has changed, he quite easily goes with the flow, he brings humor to the table and he is just a really cool kid who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of him….thus the flower in his hair below that he wore to my birthday dinner and the rest of the night out.


IMG_0229 and when you’re not looking he may carve his name into the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie

IMG_6158somewhat of a clean freak and good helper, entertaining one at least


getting a “normal” picture is a true challenge

IMG_9131See what I mean?


And when you least expect it, he swoops in for  big hugs


11 thoughts on “The giver of lost and found gifts

  1. What can I say?? He is so cool! He reminds me of my boy. Especially the faces he pulls and his actions. You have a special one there. Lucky mum, lucky boy! 🙂 I wonder where he will go next?

    1. This just means your boy and my boy, they will get a long just perfectly and you and I will have to keep on our toes cause they will be pranking us every time we turn around and they will laugh and laugh. It will be so nice and it will feed our soul because we will laugh so hard. Can you imagine it? I can.

  2. Oh what a wonderful story about the second and soccer player! I laugh over not getting a normal picture, while I groan at how sometimes as a mom you just want that normal picture! My son is in a Floral Design class, so every couple of months he brings me home a different arrangement of cut flowers – it’s amazing to receive; however, I love the joy in his eyes when he hands it over.

    I love reading about you and your kids and your relationship, it fills my heart!

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