literature visions, big dreams and ideas plus photo’s of complete nonsense


Yesterday I didn’t have too many words, so I talked about sounds.  It was a POEM of sorts.  And strange maybe not so strange, I noticed I had more activity than normal.  Not in comments but in others following my blog and just clicking the like button. I mean it wasn’t overly liked not even a dozen but it just struck me strange that I collected a few more readers in a single day more than usual. It also lead me to some other very interesting blogs filled with words and poetry and it was a nice change.  It had me feeling kind of neat.  I remember when I had under 50 subscribers and I just wanted so badly to get to 100 readers with a promise of a makeover which I have yet to do.  I always have big plans and good intentions but sometimes it may take more than I would like to achieve my dreams and visions.  I have reached 230 people who have decided to click the follow button.  It’s nice. Very nice.  So thank you all who have decided my words and images are worth a peek.  I appreciate it very much, more than you know.


What am I up to?

Finished a book that I read long ago called,  Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  It was different from what I remembered.  I got a photo idea from it.  It will accompany a quote from the book.  Not sure how long it will take to come into reality but it happened, the idea, the vision.

Currently reading a book called ” Eat Drink and be Mindful” it’s interesting.  It’s full of things I already have read some place else.  Ideas that are good in my head but following directions has never been something I do well so being mindful is not in my natural thread.  Oh, yes, I want it to be but it will take lots and lots of practice.


for my love of books

I read a blog yesterday from Priscilla Queen of the Desert and she was writing about “The Real Me” and in one paragraph she would write a super frilly and maybe frilly is the wrong word, flowery comes to mind too, description of an event and beneath that she would write how she might really say it.  I of course liked the way she would really say it far better than the paint a picture kind of way. It had me comparing it to Jane Austen and Albert Camus.  Some of my most favorite people in the world adore Jane Austen and read her books.  I have tried at least three separate times, one time even joining an online book club for Jane and I just couldn’t do it.  I would read a page or two, then write notes, underline things I didn’t understand, try to get the characters straight in my head. It took me a lot of effort.  I didn’t like it.  Not one bit.  I tried but it’s not for me.  So I still stand firm on saying one of my all time favorite books is “The Stranger” by Albert Camus.  It’s written in just the way I like to read things.  It’s frustrating, yes, very but I have read it four times at least and re-visit it each time hoping for a different ending and of course that will never happen. It’s the only Camus book I have ever read.  I’m not a big reader like some people but I do love books.  I love the smell of them, I love libraries and my first real job was in a book store.  I have dreams of owning my own book shop.  Now-a-days it’s a silly dream considering so many people read books electronically, which I’m very against by the way.  There is nothing quite like the smell of a book.  It just got me thinking and so I’m going to read another Albert Camus book called “The Rebel” you know to see if I do indeed like him as a writer. So that may be next and be put ahead of another book I had planned to read.

The garden isn’t very big this season.

photo (2)

However the kitchen face lift is on my mind lately, especially ever since yesterday when the littles decided to duct tape a blanket around the kitchen windows and I now have 6 square patches of bare wall where they pulled the tape back off the old painted wall.  I say OLD because really, really it was time for it to be re-painted. The color was never what I had imagined it to be  anyway.  I want to add wood and concrete into the mix.  All ideas motorcycle man would need to assist me in.  We’ll see how that goes.



6 thoughts on “literature visions, big dreams and ideas plus photo’s of complete nonsense

  1. Aw. Thanks for mentioning me in your writing. And, for talking about which Camus book you think is good. I’ll grab it from the libarary. I loved the second photo! It made me want to touch it and figure it out. So many layers…ethereal somehow. Congrats on more than 230 readers. Feels good!

  2. Love Camu too, not a big fan of Jane Austen though I’ve read most of her books, like you, I just couldn’t relate to her. I prefer Charlotte Bronte, definitely could relate more to her stories and characters.

  3. Personally, Jane Austen is better when viewed through BBC’s “Masterpiece Theatre”. I did take a Jane Austen seminar my junior year in college and got a better appreciation of her through the class. Or maybe because the professor was a teeny tiny little lady who looked like she could’ve been a character out of one of the novels. ; )

  4. Oh my gosh that photo of you in the library! Awesome! I love books, love the way they feel, love how they smell. My all time favorite book (you want to know right?). The Dollmake by Harriette Arnow. I have read it several times. So glad our paths crossed!

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