slowly, every so slowly


these sorts of things make me smile, that little curl there (last week)

When I’m struggling with my emotions and I get especially itchy and peeling and picky, I need to stop myself and just think.  Think about all the blessings that just so happen to be all around me.


and this week, she has decided to add another loop!


and if you take its picture and turn it upside down, it looks like a heart! no?  YES!

I’m not sure what May did to me but I fell hard and still struggling to stand back up. It doesn’t mean it’s over.  I can’t just toss in the towel but I’m taking it very slow getting back up on that wagon.


when I water my plants, I see new growth, this is always HOPE!


2 sweet girls give us a real, live fashion show!  This is what good things are made of.


I see two LOVE doves in my garden.  Of course I smiled.  Big.


The rose I picked to wear in my hair for a friend.  perfectly pretty, perfectly perfumed


The beautiful lines I get to gaze at when the sun goes down.  It’s our view, not to be taken for granted, much like the oceans crashing, swishing cars that speed by.


And what about the impromptu beach trip on a Sunday evening.  That we live so close and we can drive out late just to get its medicine to still be back before dark.  Blessing for sure and never to be taken for granted

Today for instance, I woke up nice and grouchy, while motorcycle man (early bird) was singing and dancing and making jokes, trying his best to get me to giggle while I was just foggy and groggy and nice and grumpy.  Remember I’m the night owl? It doesn’t pay when one has to actually get up and go to work the next day.   Okay so all that to say, I had just got my home delivery and inside that box, a nice bundle of kale, I had two perfectly yummy cucumbers from my neighbor to the North and I knew I had an apple and orange.  Why not juice?  I hadn’t done it in a while and I have been slow to get back on the healthy train so why not?  Oh my goodness, it tasted so good!  I can say at the very least I did one good thing for my body today, while I also had a small slice of chocolate cake.  It’s about balance right?  Tomorrow I’m putting back on my fit bit, it’s been off a few days while on others days I have not walked with any kind of intention and the only steps accumulating on that thing were my daily whatever steps which seem to average less than 5,000 which tells me if I don’t actually walk with intention, then I’m similar to a bump on a log.

photo (20)

Oh yes and that green juice.  We can’t forget that.

11 thoughts on “slowly, every so slowly

  1. Your words are my “daily treats” a chance to hear from you is a genuine pleasure. Sometimes i really think we are on the same roller coaster, after the down there IS the incline, R. E. S. T. Xo

  2. You did so much more than just eat a healthy shake that was good today/recently. I can see all the wonderful blessings you have in your life and all of them are a direct reflection of you and the influence you have on them — so much accomplished, so much to be thankful for, so much love. Thank you for making my day brighter with this post. You made me believe that even when feeling down, there is always something positive, so much positive. Thanks. ~ Tilly

  3. Dear Tracie, I come here and sit with you before heading off to fish for the day. I wish we didn’t live so far away, I’d pop over and walk with you because I don’t walk much. I stand but I don’t walk. Today I am praying and saying this one, as I try to do a tiny bit of meditation, “May I feel protected and safe.” I’ll start with that one. There are four but I can never remember them. I said it all last night as I did the night sweats and tried not to freak out about that. I love coming to your blog. You are your loving, real self here and you send a message of goodness to all those readers. I am one of the, waving from Seabright. Love to you, Pam oxoxoxoxox

    1. Pam, when I read your words as so often your words will do this to me….I got that knot in my throat and teary eyed. I’m hoping tomorrow to pay you a visit. I did take a quick peek today, I say your “selfie” it made me smile but I was in a rush and didn’t read the words in the post.

  4. It is always like sitting with you when I come here. You speak from you heart and embrace life so. It is such a good reminder for me to do the same. Thank you friend! xoxoxo

    1. thank you Cathy, my kidrid spirit and “drinking buddy’ I love our connection and I need to write down yoru favorite book and check it out before I forget. I’m glad you told me about it when I was blabbing about the stranger.

  5. I have a friend and I that are doing 10 things we are blessed for every day – all month long (Except weekends and when we are on vacation – so pretty much every work day). We’ll have a list of almost 200 items we are blessed with and why we feel blessed by the end of the month. I’m excited. It helps keep me focused on the positive, trains my brain!

    1. I just always want to thank you for being so thoughtful and faithful in your visits. You make me feel special. I guess I’m needy cause I look forward to my comment section so much. It will always means something to me that you leave words in my comment section.

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