what if

what if

every single day

i only


took a picture of this plant


this potted plant


who sits on the shiny white tile


by the sink

in the kitchen

just this plant

i photographed her


i wrote about her

i admired her

i tracked her growth

24 hours

each light different

with each hour

she would change

don’t you want to see her bloom?

what if she bloomed when I wasn’t looking?

what if

every single day



did this?

Would you still be interested?


9 thoughts on “what if

  1. You know i would, i see those hearts, so we can remember the love He has for us, its His power that created this. i need to be reminded every day, every moment & to know you took the photos, having a moment to see through your eyes & what ever words you write, now i ask you …..do you think you could do it for even a month??? Love u!

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