all kids are different

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You know they say all kids are different and I have found that to be true.  They can be raised by the same parents yet all be so very different.  My oldest is a deep well.  He feels things to his core.  When I look into his eyes there is a depth, like his wheels are always turning yet not many words come out.  So today I felt like honoring him. I show his picture here and I know his eyes are the prettiest blue, his skin is fair and his lips are pink, just like when he was a baby.  I remember when he began looking for a job and cut his hair because he knew his chances would be better if he did.  And he actually hooked a job pretty quick, it was the first place he applied.  He thought he had this other job lined up, even was interviewed twice but turned out he landed the first place he filled in his first application.  (I even took a picture of him filling out his first job application…I know lame sauce, still trying to capture all his firsts) He has been in the real world now a full year and although he has not decided to take the higher education route (yet) he has kept his first job now for almost a full year, he is dedicated in his job, has only had maybe one sick day the entire year.  He covers shifts for friends and gets to work on time, with a few late days, just a few and when I say late….I mean just minutes.  One day he locked his keys in the car in our own driveway. It’s funny though because when he first got his job, I was so worried, “will he remember his ever changing schedule?” “will he wake up in time?” “will he be a hard worker?” “will he make sure and wash his work t-shirt?” You see this is the same kid who misplace’s his cell phone, his wallet and you know,  important things like that.  Yet he seems to operate just fine when it comes to work and being responsible where it counts.  Which makes us very proud.

I hope he knows we will always support his dreams, we believe in him and his future is bright even when he thinks he has no future, that the world feels hard and unfair.  We have all been there.  I just pray he keeps his faith strong and keeps walking towards his goals, even if it’s a slow and leisurely walk, we all get there in our own time.  I love this kid and lately he has been on my heart even more than normal and so today, I honor him.

4 thoughts on “all kids are different

  1. Beautiful words and love about your son.
    They are all amazing no matter how much they grow, they will always be our babies, and it is wonderful to feel so proud of them. xx

  2. I think I will always be capturing their firsts. It’s something we do. And as Lisa said above, they will always be our babies no matter what. Lovely post Miss Tracie. xo

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