four sticks

IMG_5858I close my eyes and open them again (blink) and 6 months has slipped through our fingers.  These two long time friends saw us for a short time in November of 2013 and one more short visit in December 2013.  Lots happened in their lives in that 6 months, new jobs, new homes, dreams becoming realities.  I love most of all that we all get along, we support each other in our dreams and I know no matter how much times passes between visits we will always be the best of friends for always.

IMG_5859incents and fire added to the beautiful scenery around us

IMG_5860A really big oak covers the outdoor patio and it’s just gorgeous

IMG_5862the dudes

IMG_5864moon and sun

IMG_5865most of our children and Benny too

IMG_5866Come on Dylan smile…that’s better

IMG_5869togetherit’s so nice being all together.

IMG_5873really delicious meal shared



4 thoughts on “four sticks

  1. Looks like a wonderful evening! I never thought about tossing incense on the fire pit! When we go camping I always take sage to keep away the bugs, but I never thought about tossing a scent on while hanging out – I’ll have to try that next time (Heaven’s knows I have plenty incense around the house!) (But, I seldom burn it… why do I keep buying it?) (Compulsion!)

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