does my hair make me look old?

True story.  I was listening to the radio one morning and the DJ was talking about how you part your hair can either make you look older or younger?  I have been wanting to try this since I heard the broadcast maybe like a month ago or so.  I couldn’t think of anything to blog about so I decided to sit here at my computer desk and part my hair the three different ways.

hair parts.jpg

So what do you think?  The first image is MY left side, the middle is my middle and the photo on the right is MY right side.  And I think I do look different in each image.  I will tell you this, I normally wear my hair like the middle because I don’t really DO my hair I just get up and go and it just sort of parts itself closest to middle.  But when I look at these images I think I do have a new favorite way to part my hair?  I think the broadcast said by parting in the middle it adds 7 years to your age!!  That’s my typical look (I may want to change that) Parting on the right takes off 5 years and parting on the left adds 5 years.  So I’m thinking the right part will be my new favorite. Nope.  Who am I fooling.  We all know my hair will just fall in that middle aging part!!  And for the record I think parting to the left looks the best.  What are your thoughts?  Do any of these images make me look younger?


13 thoughts on “does my hair make me look old?

  1. I like both side views, think the 1st image is my fave. That’s why I have a side part😊 after awhile it does it on its own just like the middle part.

  2. Lol, I like it parted on the right, I immediately thought you looked younger! Yes you’re beautiful, blah, blah, but I think for the next couple of days you should run your fingers through your hair and part it on the right a couple times a day 🙂

  3. Tracie you look so pretty in all of the photos… very favorite is the last picture with it parted on the left.

    Linda Think before you speak

  4. I love them all and you look younger then your true age! I change my part pretty much every time I wash my hair so variety is good 🙂 So have fun and switch it up!! Love you ♡♡

  5. I like the right one, but no matter where you part your hair, you look beautiful. I keep cutting my hair, then letting it grow out. At 46 my mother keeps telling me that long hair makes me look older (gotta love that brutal honesty), so I cut it. Then I immediately start growing it back out. Then I get tired of it and cut it again. I’m in a shorter stage now, better for the summer, but not being able to pull it up is sometimes a pain. I think maybe I’ll give this parting thing a try. Maybe it will keep me from cutting my hair again.

  6. Sweet you! When you are old, old, old, you will seem young because of your love for life! You are amazing no matter how you wear your hair. I say do what feels best to you, because then you will shine and shine is what you do best! love, Cathy

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