Relay for Life


Thank all of you who donated money towards such a great cause.  Because some of my friends and family sponsored me in the walk, I met my personal goal and was able to give $311.00 to Relay for life.  Our team met its goal which was 1,000.00 and actually brought in a total of 1,807.48!!


It was a family affair for sure.  Aunt Vicki and Cousin Jodi head up the team and that involves a lot of planning and preparing and set up and breakdown and probably things I have no idea of even.  Aunt Judy  and Uncle Dave come all the way down from Weaverville  so Aunt Judy can sing for us a portion of the walk. Plus we just have family popping in and out  all throughout the day, team or not they show support by walking a few laps with us walkers or to watch Aunt Judy sing.


I sadly didn’t take too many pictures because I was too busy walking.  You see for the Relay for Life, the whole concept is to have someone from your team on the track at all times during a 24 hour period.  Our team wasn’t very big and we also had one of our big walkers get sick days before the relay.  It wasn’t quite the same without her.  I ended up walking a total of 16 miles over a period of time.  I think one of my biggest and longest spells was from 2:30 a.m until 5:30 a.m. when motorcycle man and I were able to watch the sun rise together. He wasn’t even on the team but he was a big support to me and walked with me much of the time.  (I love that guy) In those 24 hours I walked for 6 hours and 30 minutes over the course of the day and I think it just may have got me re-motivated to use my fitbit again and get back on my walking track.


Our team color was RED and our team name was the Incredibles! Cousin Michelle ordered our red t-shirts so we could walk in unity and Michelle and Ashley were walking warriors for our team as well.  We didn’t have Jeanie with us because she got really sick days before the race but we carried her spirit around the track with the spirit flag she made for our team.  We believe we should NEVER stop fighting for a cure.  I think all of us have been touched in some way by cancer and being there this weekend I could feel the love and community of fighting the good fight together.


Abbie got back from camp on the same day of our walk so we had to take a break and go pick her up.  I was soooooo HAPPY to see my littlest and only girl.  I missed her so very much.  She was tired from her long 8 hour bus drive but she really wanted to hit the track and see some family, so she also walked some laps and in the small amount of time she was on the track she racked in 5 miles. We were able to keep track of our laps because we collected a bead for our necklace each time we passed our team booth.  Abbie also walked with her Dad barefoot for many of the laps which I thought was pretty funny.   Thank you again for all who contributed and here are a few images from the day.



When the sun went down the luminaries were lit.  This is the one that Michelle had made for her mama and our Aunt.  We miss her dearly, dearly and walking in her memory was my honor.


You see it was very emotional when the sun went down and all the lanterns were lit.  We heard a story about cancer, it had some goodness and hope but it was also very sad.  Then a man played Amazing Grace on his bag pipes as the police car followed him and the walkers followed the police car.   All the walkers carried their glow sticks and it was very touching.

IMG_5925Hope for a Cure.  As we walked the word HOPE that was aluminated on the stadium bleachers turned into the word CURE.  It was so cool.  I can’t wait to do it again next year to either be a part of this Bellflower team again or create our own team for our own city.  Something to think about for sure.


2 thoughts on “Relay for Life

  1. So glad you reached your goal and walked with good friends and family. Such a great cause and looks like it was a wonderful event. Proud of you young lady. 🙂

  2. This looks like such a beautiful event, and I’m so glad you were able to take part + raise money for it. I’ve always wanted to do a Relay for Life… such an important cause. You should be very proud of yourself + your hard work! 6.5 hours of walking is a lot!

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