My two cents on Fashion or one might say, My Personal Fashion Advice

jeans under dresses


love to wear jeans under skirts or dresses.  Mostly to cover my not so smooth legs and flowers in my hair.

If you were to meet me for the very first time I would have to say your impression might be. She is very quiet, she is calm and she is a little bit eclectic. My voice may come out a little in my clothing and accessories.

mix and matchif you see a designer bag, it’s because I have been given as gifts (3) coach bags.  Yep three.  So I use them. mixing and matching prints and color is my most favorite.  And the earrings in this photo are my all time favorite.  I wear them with everything just about and even if they don’t match. The bigger the sunglasses.  The better.

I don’t think I have a specific style although my kids say each time I bring home a new top “looks like one you already have” I don’t know much about designer this or designer that. My latest pair of shoes are from Wal-Mart a knock off of TOMS. I scored a beautiful pair of red shoes a few winters back from the Goodwill. I actually prefer shopping second-hand but I do have a favorite store in my hometown called “Roadkill Ranch”  I will go as far as to say “I HATE the mall” I don’t like the prices that’s for sure. I love knee socks and boots but my legs are not really made for them. I wear the knee socks anyway but boots are hard to fit around my claves. I still love leg warmers and I think they are back and even if they are not back, I don’t care. I like them anyways. And again, probably not the best idea to add layers to my already thick legs but I don’t care. I still like them. You will never see me in a pair of white pants, or white shorts or too much white anything. I do love it when I see white on others but for me it wouldn’t ever be a good idea. I’m sort of messy naturally. I would stain them in 2.2 seconds. My favorite tennis shoe will always be a converse. Even when I walk for exercise because they are just classic and timeless as far as I’m concerned and they come in endless colors which really makes me happy.

purple conversepurple converse shared with littlest and only girl.  We currently wear the same size shoe.

red shoesMy red thrift store shoe… I searched long and hard for the perfect red shoe

 When it comes to make up, I’m a creature of habit. I have a very small make up bag and inside it has one pencil eyeliner (brown) one liquid eye liner (dark brown), mascara,  cover girl foundation which I wear 50% of the time with a little powder and my recent add, blush. That’s it. On rare occasions I might put on red lipstick but I didn’t buy it. I earned it in points with my Aveda products that I sometimes buy for my hair.


I don’t have a real amazing beauty routine. I might wash my face off in the shower and recently started to use a cleaner from doterra from oils I use. And most recent an amazing skin care lotion that I tried and within 6 days, a huge difference occurred. It was freaky. I may or may not decide to use just the night cream. I really love it but since I have tried nothing else, I have nothing to compare it to.


When it comes to brushing my teeth, I use whatever catches my eye but also recently I was introduced to homemade toothpaste and have made my own which I’m preferring over the store-bought kind. It’s simple and it feels like my teeth are squeaky clean with the stuff.

Hair? Um well. I seem to make an appointment to get it trimmed about every 6 months or so. I think the standard for a lot of women with long hair is to put it in a ponytail. Which I do sometimes but I do wear it completely down more than one would think. When I’m being kind to my hair I will buy Aveda shampoo and conditioner but mostly I just use what’s cheap and on sale. I will vip up the color of my hair too from time to time or add high lights but recently it’s just the color I was born with. It’s faded a lot since I have gotten older. It used to be a vivid and rich red color, now it’s sort of dull and faded but I think I could fix that if I got my hair done more often.


Nobody asked but I just thought I would give you my rundown on my fashion sense or maybe some would say, not so fashion sense because I also still wear Birkenstocks;) What I have found to be of great value and help is to NOT buy fashion magazines or the latest celebrity tabloids. I prefer not to be sucked into the latest trends it saves me money.


19 thoughts on “My two cents on Fashion or one might say, My Personal Fashion Advice

  1. I love your style, it’s part of what makes you YOU ! You always have and still do look beautiful to me; enough to make me wish I could copy your style; but then I always think ” it wouldn’t look good on me”

  2. And here we are again. So alike. Your style is gorgeous as you are. I love your colour and flare.
    I love my jeans and very rarely wear white, although I love it. My hubby is forever saying why don’t you wear those little white shorts you used to wear. Well… because I don’t have the cute little backside that used to fit into those little white shorts. Simple dude! Anyhoo, I have my very basic little makeup bag too. Rimmell foundation, blush, a brown slate of eye shadow & the same shade of lipstick I’ve worn for about 4 years with the oh so classy name of ‘Shrimp’. It’s actually a very pretty little goldish brown. I have the exact same collection in 2 little bags. One I keep at work and one at home because I am ridiculously forgetful. My hair cuts are few and far between and my colour is neglected. It’s nowhere near as pretty as your beautiful natural colour. I get a favourite pair of shoes and wear them until they die and then stress about finding another pair to replace them. I love colour, but seem to resort to black a lot. I’m trying hard though and buying brighter colours much to the delight of my girl who is as colourful as they come. 🙂
    I love your dresses, skirts and flowers. They are just you all over. 🙂 There should really be a style called “The Tracie”. There should!!

    1. I really love knowing there is an Australian version of me out there. I always trip out on how similar we are. Yep, wearing shoes till they are worn out. That’s me too. Like holes I’m talking!

  3. I totally figured you as a leggings girl! I figured you had a massive collection of tights and leggings! I wish that I was as naturally beautifully as you are – as it takes much more makeup to make me look ‘natural’!
    I loved this insight into your life and fashion! What fun!

    1. oh, well I do happen to LOVE tights! and now that you mention it. I need to go buy me some leggings because hello! Those would look much better under my dresses and skirts than jeans! Plus I notice they seem to sell lots of printed ones which I think I’m a little drawn to.

      1. I want to wear printed leggings all the time! Sadly, my thighs tell me very clearly that it is not the look for me! But… If I started wearing dresses…
        Who am I kidding?!? I wear as little clothing as possible! Maybe as I lose weight I’ll actually start getting cold and could wear layers!

    1. Thank you so kindly. I giggle at the thought of being one of those worst dressed celebrities because if I were to be a celebrity (giggle) You know Joan Rivers would be ripping me to pieces.

  4. I love your style! Whenever you post pictures of yourself here or on IG, I always notice a shirt, skirt, or accessory that I adore. I think it’s so important to just dress however makes you happy… and you can see the confidence in what you wear 🙂

    Also — you peaked my interest with the homemade tooth paste. What recipe do you use?

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