summertime dreams


I have had the hankering lately to get a record player again. I have records. I just don’t have a player. I borrowed Papa’s but the sound quality wasn’t so wonderful and so I finally returned it.

You see I know we are not supposed to live in the past. I have heard that someplace. “Don’t dwell on the past” but when I reminisce I just get all happy inside or maybe just a little sad because things are NOT what they used to be. I was born in 1970 so this means I had a lot of freedom. Remember the rule “when the street lights come on, come home” that was sort of true but in the summer we stayed out past dark and did lots of night swimming.  And I know, I know I’m all wacky, start talking about record players then get nostalgic thinking of the 70’s and how awesome it was growing up in the 70’s but mostly 80’s.


We had a swimming pool and in the summer we would swim, swim, and swim some more until we couldn’t swim any more. All my friends had pools; it was so common for people to have in ground swimming pools it seemed. I remember my dad designed our pool, it had two shallow ends and was shaped like an L very straight lines and more modern, Shauna’s pool was old school kidney-shaped with a really deep end, then Noel got one and hers was the ultimate because it was a tropical paradise, rock water fall and lagoon colored water! And we all had Jacuzzi’s. To this day I love the water; my favorite thing to do is float on top of it. I also love to do under water somersaults and hand stands. Being in water is really freeing. It’s weightless and it’s relaxing and there was a time in my adult life where I really, really wanted an in ground pool. I even ripped pictures of pools out of magazines taped them to our bedroom wall and bought rafts for when we did get a pool, I was that convinced it would happen. We came close twice but never wanted to go all the way because of the cost. We put up an above ground pool nearly every year and the kids use it like mad, I even will from time to time get in it just to float. This year’s pool is really shallow but I can still float in it! Last year’s pool burst at the seams in the middle of the night. Lots of great memories surround pool water and for now, I will be grateful for our above ground pools.  But I think my dreaming doesn’t have to end. It’s okay to still dream of the ultimate pool!


photo (2)








photo (9)

photo (10) photo (11)



(all pictures in this post are from our above ground pools)

2 thoughts on “summertime dreams

  1. I bought a stereo cabinet at an antique mall a few years ago. It’s missing a handle, only the left speaker works, but it was the best $50 I spent because I can put on a record and crank it up! My mom and some friends will randomly show up with a record for my collection!

  2. I still have a record player in a stereo I bought back in the late 1980’s. It works fairly well, although I think some of the songs should be a little faster. They almost sound in slow motion. Still, it is so much fun listening to all my old records. I also have some from my Uncle Frank who had a collection of 1920 hits and lots of show tunes. Brings back so many memories.

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